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7th/23rd - 4' 11" H (was 5').


Fr 18 Mar 1932 (3.16) 4m 4f Good 9.44.60 36 £8,165 W. Parsonage

  1 Forbra 7 10-07 T. Rimell T. Hamey 50/1   Always very prominent. 2nd VB 1C, avoided melee at 12th, led by Chair. Still ahead WJ (where 10 remained). Mistake 17th but disputed lead from 20th, pair clear. On top by 29th, 2L lead last, kept on well.
  2 Egremont 8 10-07 R. Woods E. Paget 33/1 2 Prominent. Left in lead CT 1C, avoided melee at 12th where still ahead, had dropped to 3rd by Chair. Left 3rd WJ. Led again early 2C. Joined by 20th from whence disputed lead, pair clear, but always looking the more vigorously ridden of the two. Under pressure by 29th, 2L down last. Kept on gamely, however, unable to get back up.
30 31 3 Shaun Goilin 12 12-04 F. Hartigan D. Williams 40/1 DIST Jumped well in mid-division, left in dispute of 15th VB 1C. Similar position when avoided melee 12th. 6th Chair and left 5th WJ. Became increasingly adrift of front pair 2C, well so when left 4th at last. Battled on into 3rd.
  4 Near East 7 10-10 W. James T. McCarthy 50/1   Chased leaders until became prominent, 3rd VB 1C and when avoided melee 12th. 2nd ABC 1C. 4th Chair but left 2nd again WJ. Generally 3rd on 2C until lost ground on leading pair after the CT and dropped back to 4th along the CS. Same position ABC and until left a distant 3rd at last. Very tired & one-paced and pipped for 3rd run in. 
31 5 Aspirant 9 10-10 T. Gosden Sir P. Grant Lawson 66/1   Rear of mid-division, left 17th VB 1C. Left 8th after melee at 12th, same position Chair. Left 6th WJ. Continued in similar vein 2C and lost touch with leaders down the CS. Left a very distant 5th at last. Plugged on. 
  6 Heartbreak Hill 7 11-06 H. Ussher W. O'Grady 100/12JF   Left in lead 1st and disputed it to 4th. Remained prominent when headed and 4th when hampered by the fall of Evolution CT 1C. Nevertheless, still 4th next (VB) and when baulked & caused to refuse by Gibus at 12th. Kept going, first of the affected horses to negotiate fence at second attempt, albeit tailed off in 9th. Made up ground well to be last of those vaguely in touch with leaders, in same position, Chair. Left 7th WJ. 6th when bad mistake BB 2C and no further impression thereafter. Left a very distant 6th again at last. 
30 31 7R Annandale 10 10-10 Maj F. Barrett B. Stott 100/7   Mid-division, left in share of 15th VB 1C, Left circa 7th by melee at 12th. 5th Chair, left 4th WJ. Steady further improvement 2C, never able to reach leading pair but took 3rd along CS. 15-20L adrift in 3rd and very tired when fell heavily last. Remounted, finished tailed off.
  8 Sea Soldier 10 11-07 L. Carey A. Wilson 50/1   Slowly away, outpaced and sulked. Already well towards rear when mistake, collided with Redlynch & nearly UR BB 1C. Became tailed off, 18th and last VB 1C, and thus able to avoid the melee at the 12th which cleared in 10th. Well tailed off in 9th WJ. Completed in own time, utterly tailed off.
29 30 31 P Harewood 10 10-07 I. Anthony R. Warden 66/1 19TH (OD) Mid-division, left 13th VB 1C. Left 5th following melee at the 12th. 7th Chair & when fell WJ. Remounted, well tailed off. Completely so when called it a day 19th.
28 29 R The Ace 10 10-07 Maj F. Barrett F. Maxwell 100/1 18TH Mid-division. 8th VB 1C. Caused to refuse by Gibus 12th. Eventually kept going, completely tailed off. Refused 18th.
29 30 F K.C.B. 10 10-07 G. Beeby J.F. Mason 50/1 16TH (WJ) Mid-division, left 12th VB 1C. Left 4th following melee at 12th. Progress to be 2nd Chair and at WJ where fell. Broke shoulder. Dead.
  R Prince Cherry 8 10-07 M. Blair J. Geary 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Very prominent early. Still close up on inner CT 1C but hampered and landed on fence. Struggled through, nearly UR in process, and dropped back to mid-division. 11th VB 1C. Similar position when caused to refuse by Gibus at 12th. Kept going, albeit tailed off in 11th. 10th when refused Chair, decanting rider into ditch.
  R Ottawa 8 10-08 T. Rimell T.E. Leader 40/1 15TH (CHAIR) Rear of mid-division, left 14th VB 1C where mistake. Similar position when caused to refuse in melee at the 12th. Kept going, albeit tailed off in 12th. 11th when again caused to refuse, this time by Prince Cherry, at the Chair.
27 28 29 30 31 R Grakle 10 12-03 T. Coulthwaite J. Fawcus 100/12JF 15TH (CHAIR) Chased leaders until mistake BB 1C and dropped to mid-division. 10th VB 1C. Similar place when caused to refuse in melee at 12th. Kept going, albeit tailed off in 14th. 12th when caused to refuse again, this time by Prince Cherry, at the Chair, falling into ditch with rider.
  R Dusty Foot 8 10-07 J. Anthony B. Speck 25/1 15TH (CHAIR) Mid-division, fore of same in 7th VB 1C and when caused to refuse by Gibus at 12th. Kept going, albeit making a bad mistake when negotiating fence at second attempt and a tailed off 13th. Same position when caused to refuse again in fracas at the Chair.
  R Hank 13 10-08 W. Gale F. McKeever 33/1 15TH (CHAIR) Chased leaders, 6th VB 1C, until caused to refuse by the loose Gibus at the 12th. Kept going, 15th & last of those to negotiate obstacle at second attempt. Still 15th when, possibly distracted by fracas to his right, refused on inner at Chair, colliding with fence & falling back into ditch.
29 30 31 B Gregalach 10 12-07 P. Woodland F. Thackray 100/9 12TH Away well in fore of mid-division. 5th VB 1C and going nicely in 4th when caught broadsides on take off at 12th by the loose Gibus, who ran down fence towards the inner, & BD heavily (on landing side).
31 R Theras 7 10-12 S. Harrison G. Owen 66/1 12TH Mid-division, 9th VB 1C. Fore of midfield when caused to refuse in melee at the 12th. Thereafter persistently declined the obstacle.
  F Coup De Chapeau 8 11-10 E. Stedall Gerry Wilson 28/1 9TH (VB) Away well but broke down before BB 1C & effectively on three legs in a mid-division 12th when took a right purler VB 1C.
29 30 R Delarue 10 10-07 G. Beeby W. Kidney 100/1 9TH (VB) Towards rear. Slight mistake BB 1C. Last but one when refused VB 1C, rider coming off.
  F Evolution 8 10-07 G. Beeby T. Cullinan 50/1 8TH (CT) Very prominent by 4th, disputed lead 5th and left ahead BB 1C. Still in front when fell CT 1C.
28 29 30 31 R Ruddyman 13 10-07 Maj B. Powell E. Brown 100/1 8TH (CT) Towards rear until refused CT 1C.
  F Pelorus Jack 9 10-07 P. Woodland Cpt R. Fanshawe 22/1 7TH Mid-division until fell 7th.
28 29 31 U Great Span 11 10-07 M. Blair G. Hardy 20/1 7TH Mid-division until hampered by the fall of Pelorus Jack & UR 7th.
  U Inverse 6 11-07 Col G. Foljambe B. Lyall 33/1 6TH (BB) Away well, left in lead 1st. Disputed pole position 2nd to 4th and still very prominent when very bad mistake & UR BB 1C.
  U Quite Calm 8 10-07 B. Roberts F. Gurney 20/1 6TH (BB) Rear of mid-division until jockey fell off BB 1C and, unsatisfied with this, then attempted to bring down horse.
  R Holmes 12 11-00 A.Beechener C. Beechener 20/1 6TH (BB) Towards rear when ran down fence to the left & refused BB 1C.
28 U Redlynch 11 10-07 J. Pendarves K. Goode 100/1 6TH (BB) Slowly away & well towards rear until stumbled upon landing, collided with Sea Soldier & UR BB 1C.
  U Merriment 10 10-10 J. Wight Lord Haddington 45/1 4TH Mid-division until mistake & UR 4th.
30 R Tootenhill 10 10-07 G.H. Boswall-Preston R. McCarthy 66/1 3RD (OD) Away well & very prominent until refused 3rd.
  R Vinicole 8 11-03 I. Anthony D.J. Morgan 33/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division until squeezed for room by Gregalach & caused to refuse 3rd, rider falling into ditch.
30 31 R Alike 9 10-11 A. Law G. Turner 50/1 3RD (OD) Away well but in mid-division when baulked by Vinicole & caused to refuse 3rd.
  R Aruntius 11 10-07 M. Blair F. Mason 100/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division when caused to refuse by Vinicole & plunged into ditch.
30 31 F Glangesia 12 10-09 A. Law James E. Ryan 33/1 3RD (OD) Towards rear until fell 3rd.
31 F Apostasy 11 11-00 Master of Gray B. Parvin 66/1 1ST Away well, in customary style, & led when fell 1st.
  F Gibus 11 10-07 Maj F. Barrett B. Redmond 100/1 1ST Fore of mid-division, fell 1st. (When loose ran across the 12th to the left, taking out almost half of the remaining runners.)



Whilst there was a mini melee at the first ditch, a standard splattering of grief at Becher's and a rear-division refusal fest at the Chair, the major defining incident of the 1932 Grand National occurred at the 12th (absolutely not at the 11th or Valentine's as many modern and contemporary sources respectively state). Here the loose Gibus refused and ran down the fence to the left. The leading trio (Egremont, Forbra and Near East) just got over before he baulked the fourth (Heartbreak Hill) and completely wiped out fifth-placed Gregalach, all of which obliged those in sixth to twelfth (Hank, Dusty Foot, Theras, Prince Cherry, The Ace, Ottawa and Grakle) to stop. Those horses who were mid to rear (thirteenth to seventeenth) on the outer (the ill-fated K.C.B., Harewood, Annandale, Aspirant and Shaun Goilin) along with the tailed off Sea Soldier were able to get over at the first attempt. Six of the halted horses negotiated the obstacle on their second try, The Ace came up trumps on his third, apparently, while Theras would have no more to do with it. Meanwhile, Gregalach (who fully recovered) lay upon his erstwhile rider (Fred Thackray, who was so severely injured that he never rode over the sticks again) on the landing side, frantically attended to by a policeman (who initially had to leap hastily out of the way) and a first-aider respectively. Exactly half of the 18 hitherto surviving runners were affected by this fracas, perhaps the most unfortunate of whom was joint favourite Heartbreak Hill, who had previously been hampered by the fall of Evolution at the Canal Turn too.

Of the three prominent horses who escaped the pile-up the minimum weights Forbra and Egremont ultimately pulled away and fought out an extended duel. It appears that they didn't necessarily have to go very fast to do so - the going was inclined towards the quick side of Good, as the usual c.300,000 basked in sunshine for a second consecutive year, yet the time for weight carried on the prevailing ground was below average and Annandale, third when falling at the last, would have done well to finish within twenty lengths of the runner-up had he stayed on his hooves. Forbra, an excellent jumper, emerged triumphant for Kinnersley-based Tom Rimell who was in his eighth season of training, son Fred helped with the prep. Victorious jockey Tim Hamey was a skilful handler of headstrong and raw chasers.

Annandale clearly wasn't running as well as in 1931 (when I rated him -59) when coming to grief and Shaun Goilin, now 12, was again unable to recapture his peak form from 1930. In that year, also on Good, the latter recorded a time 4s faster than Forbra's whilst carting a stone more for a raw rating of -27. A comparison (allowing 3 1/2 lengths (as it was Good) per second) puts Forbra 28 (pounds/lengths) below Shaun Goilin and produces a performance rating of -55 (and the surface was likely quicker in 1932). Forbra beat Egremont by 2 lengths at levels but I will grant the former 1 for his mistake at the 17th. Therefore, Egremont is awarded -57 and Forbra -54. Only a 7-y-o, he would improve.   











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