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Fr 24 Mar 1933 (3.18) 4m 4f Good to Firm 9.28.00 34 £7,345 F. Ambrose Clark

  1 Kellsboro' Jack 7 11-09 I. Anthony D. Williams 25/1   Away well & always very prominent. Disputed lead 1st, 2nd BB 1C, shared 3rd VB 1C and outright 3rd (of 27) WJ. Led or disputed lead most of 2C, narrowly ahead BB, VB & last where left 5L clear. Kept on well.
  2 Really True 9 10-12 W. Gale F. Furlong 66/1 3 Held up. 19th VB 1C, 18th WJ. Gradual progress to be 9th BB 2C, 6th VB, disputed 5th at 28th. 5th outright at 29th. Left 4th at last. Finished strongly to nab 2nd. Never nearer.
  3 Slater 8 10-07 G. Whitelaw M. Barry 50/1 NK Became prominent by BB 1C, disputed 6th VB 1C. Merely chased leaders in 11th WJ but renewed progress to be 4th BB 2C and 3rd VB. 4th once more 28th. Left 3rd again last, about 6L back. Kept on but lost 2nd in shadow of post.
  4 Delaneige 8 11-03 G. Beeby J. Moloney 20/1 5 Fore of mid-division, 11th VB 1C. Good progress to be 4th WJ. 2nd BB 2C, 4th again VB. Disputed lead 28th. Battled on gamely but beaten when left 5L 2nd at last and lost a couple of places run in.
  5 Alpine Hut 8 11-06 P. Woodland Lt P. Harding 50/1 4 Initially towards rear. 28th & last but one VB 1C, 20th WJ. Left 12th BB 2C. 10th VB, 9th at 28th. Came with strong run and left 5th at last. Kept on. Never nearer.
32 6 Forbra 8 11-09 T. Rimell T. Hamey 33/1 10 Disputed lead 1st then mainly chased leaders, 8th VB 1C and vied for 6th WJ. More prominent at 17th but had dropped back again to share 6th by BB 2C. 7th VB & ABC. Left 6th once more at last. Plugged on one-paced.
  7 Trocadero 9 11-02 M. d'Okhuysen M. Thery 100/1   Rear of mid-division. 22nd VB 1C, 21st WJ. Gradual progress 2C: left 16th BB and was 11th VB & 28th. Left 9th at last. Continued steady headway but finished someway adrift of the 6th. Never nearer.
  8 Southern Hero 8 10-12 G. Evans T. Isaac 50/1   Chased leaders 1C. Disputed 6th BB, shared 9th VB, 8th WJ. Rather one-paced and left 10th BB 2C. was 9th at VB, 8th at 28th and 9th once more ABC. Left 8th again last. Plugged on.
  9 Master Orange 8 10-07 R. Gordon Cpt O. Prior-Palmer 100/1   Tended to race in rear of mid-division at the one pace, 25th VB 1C and 23rd WJ. Left 20th BB 2C, was 16th VB and 15th at 28th. Left 11th at last. Plugged on.
  10 Colliery Band 9 11-09 W. Payne G. Hardy 40/1   Away well & very prominent, 7th at 1st. Led from 2nd until after 12th. Still a very close 2nd WJ, however, began to fade after 17th though still 5th BB 2C where barged into by Slater upon landing. Jockey nearly jolted off but quickly recovered his seat. 8th VB, 10th at 28th & left in same position last.
32 11 Egremont 9 11-01 H. Whiteman E. Paget 100/7   Mid-division BB 1C, 16th VB 1C, 17th WJ. Left 13th BB 2C. 12th VB, 16th at 28th and left 13th again last. Never a threat and very one-paced on going but passed a couple of weakening horses run in.
  12 Remus 8 11-12 F. Morgan Tommy Morgan 100/6   Away well & disputed lead 1st. Vied for lead (3rd BB 1C, 2nd VB 1C) until ahead again after 12th. Narrowly in front WJ. 3rd again BB 2C, 2nd once more VB. Began to fade immediately after. Shared 5th at 28th and left 7th at last. Badly weakened further.
  13 Ruin 8 10-07 F. Hartigan Maj H. Misa 50/1   Mid-division 1C, 12th VB & WJ. Effort to become more prominent by 17th but proved short-lived. Left 11th BB 2C, 13th at VB and 14th at 28th. Had just been left 12th when mistake last.
32 14 Near East 8 10-07 W. James A. Robson 45/1   Very prominent first few fences (vied for lead 1st). Disputed 6th BB & VB 1C. Remained in touch rest of 1C, 10th WJ. Faded 2C, left in a share of 18th BB, was 17th at VB & 28th. Left 15th at last. Well beaten.
15 Trouble Maker 10 11-06 G. Digby N. Laing 100/1 Mid-division 1C, 14th VB and disputed same position WJ. Continued at same pace 2C. Left 14th BB. 15th VB, 13th at 28th and left a well beaten 14th at last. Slightly weakened further.
30 31 32 16 Shaun Goilin 13 12-01 F. Hartigan P. Cazalet 40/1   Rear of mid-division, 24th VB 1C. Unable to get involved and disputed same position WJ. Tailed off by BB 2C. Laboured on. Finished well tailed off.
  17 Chadd's Ford 9 10-07 I. Anthony E.M. Williams 50/1   Always towards rear. 23rd VB 1C, a last but one 26th WJ. No impression 2C. Tailed off by BB. Finished well tailed off.
32 18R Merriment 11 11-04 J. Wight Lord Haddington 20/1   Mid-division. 18th VB 1C and 13th WJ. Made no great impression 2C, left 15th BB and was 14th VB. 12th at 28th. Fell 29th. Remounted, well tailed off.
  19R Ballybrack 9 11-00 J. Wight G. Elliott 50/1   Outpaced & towards rear. 29th & last VB 1C, disputed 24th WJ. Left 21st BB 2C. 18th VB & 28th. Very modest progress amongst stragglers and had just been left 15th when fell last. Remounted, well tailed off.
32 F Pelorus Jack 10 10-07 P. Woodland B. Stott 100/6 30TH Away quite well but only mid-division when very bad mistake 1st and as good as down. Disputed 26th VB 1C, 19th WJ. Remarkably, made up ground steadily to chase leaders. vied for 6th BB 2C and left a handy 6th again CT 2C, 5th VB. Ridden up to become very prominent along CS, shared lead 28th. Still virtually disputing lead last when fell.
29 30 31 32 P Gregalach 11 12-07 P. Woodland B. Parvin 10/1 25TH
Away well & prominent, disputed lead 1st. 2nd at 2nd, 4th BB 1C, 5th VB 1C & WJ. Had dropped to last of the leading group of 12 by next (17th). Gradually faded further to the rear. Left in a share of 18th BB and last of those not tailed off at CT. PU before next (VB) with a broken blood vessel.
32 U Coup De Chapeau 9 12-02 E. Stedall Gerry Wilson 28/1 25TH (VB) Away well but had dropped into mid-division by BB 1C, 15th VB 1C and shared 14th WJ. Left 17th BB 2C and towards rear in 19th when ploughed through fence & UR VB.
  U Golden Miller 6 12-02 B. Briscoe T.E. Leader 9/1F 24TH (CT) Held up. Going well in 12th BB 1C. disputed 9th VB 1C. Unsighted & mistake Chair, 9th outright WJ. Increasingly jumped to right 2C and further unsettled by mistake BB 2C when 8th. Still able to be rushed up to 5th when slightly hampered & UR CT 2C.
32 R Holmes 13 10-13 C. Beechener C. Beechener 50/1 22ND (BB) Away well & disputed lead 1st. 5th BB 1C, vied for 3rd VB 1C and shared 6th WJ. Gradually lost position to be 10th when refused (twice) BB 2C.
29 30 31 F Ballyhanwood 12 10-07 M. Blair J. Goswell 50/1 EARLY 2C Away well & very prominent 1st. Soon lost position and a mid-division 17th VB 1C. 22nd WJ. Still in the rear of midfield 17th. Fell at either 18th, 19th or 20th.
30 31 U Guiding Light 12 10-07 T. Gosden Lord Somerton 100/1 17TH Mid-division. 13th VB 1C, 16th WJ. Rear of midfield when slight mistake & UR 17th.
  P Huic Holloa 8 11-11 W. Waddington W. Ransom 50/1 END 1C Mid-division until a stirrup leather broke CT 1C, shared 20th VB 1C. Had dropped to a tailed off last by WJ and PU towards the end of the 1C.
31 32 F Theras 8 10-10 S. Harrison G. Owen 40/1 12TH Disputed 20th VB 1C. A little further towards rear when fell at the 12th.
30 31 32 B Annandale 11 10-10 Maj F. Barrett D.J. Morgan 20/1 12TH Towards rear, disputed 26th VB 1C. Similar position when BD by Theras at the 12th.
32 U Heartbreak Hill 8 11-09 H. Ussher W. O'Grady 100/8 8TH (CT) Chased leaders until bad mistake & UR CT 1C.
31 32 F Apostasy 12 10-09 Master of Gray B. Lyall 100/1 7TH Away well & very prominent. Still handy when fell 7th.
32 F Dusty Foot 9 10-07 J. Anthony P. Bostwick 50/1 6TH (BB) Rear of mid-division until fell BB 1C.
  U Society 7 10-08 F. Brown G. Shakerley 20/1 6TH (BB) Slowly away in last. Too small for the fences and still rearmost when hesitant, jumped too steeply & UR BB 1C.
  F Youtell 8 10-07 H. Whiteman A. Mildmay 100/1 1ST Mid-division, fell 1st.



1933 marked the start of a six year span of great quality in the Grand National as steeplechasing entered if not THE golden (in more ways than one!) age then certainly one of very few such ages. The going was Good to Firm and Kellsboro' Jack set a new record winning time (since the course had been shortened in 1888), 4.40s faster than that of Cloister in 1893 (disputed) when the ground had been very Firm, although Kellsboro' Jack carried 12lb less. The number of finishers, 19, tied the record, however, this proved to be somewhat of an aberration. Kellsboro' Jack was a great jumper, consistent and versatile. He had taken the 1932 Stanley Chase (2m 2f) impressively by 20 lengths and would go on to thrice finish third in the Cheltenham Gold Cup, win the 1935 Scottish Grand National and to handsomely triumph in the 1936 and 1937 editions of the Aintree 3m Champion Chase. His owner resolutely declined to run her horse again in the National and 1933 was also the final occasion upon which Dudley Williams would compete in the race. Williams had good hands and became, for a while, a masseur! It was a first National success for Ivor Anthony whom had taken over Aubrey Hastings's yard four years earlier. Billy Stott, Champion Jockey from 1927 to 1932, never won a Grand National and it's debatable how Pelorus Jack was going when falling at the last. Stott felt his mount was travelling as well as the winner but on film Pelorus Jack appears to be getting the worst of it when capsizing, he was also receiving 16lb. Delaneige was a fine, improving Liverpool horse, possibly better at Aintree than he was at Cheltenham, who didn't seem to quite get home over the National trip as an 8-y-o. Really True carried 5lb overweight and was beaten merely 3 lengths, an extraordinary run though Kellsboro' Jack appeared to have matters well in hand. Golden Miller, a precocious, improving 6-y-o yet already twice the winner of the Gold Cup, was having his first taste of the Aintree fences that he would come to despise. Egremont preferred softer going but, notwithstanding that, Forbra must have improved upon his performance in their duel a year earlier (which, after all, was on fastish Good) having been given a changed diet by Tom Rimell subsequent to breaking a blood vessel at Cheltenham.

I wrote previously (see 1923) that all athletes (human and equine) grow faster and stronger as a body over the decades for various reasons. In the light of this one way of attempting to fairly compare the general times and, to an extent, the relative abilities of horses from different eras is to see for how long a record time had stood. Cloister's had stood for 40 years, that of Kellsboro' Jack would be beaten immediately and in total three times before the war. Fundamentally this would suggest that Cloister was better than Kellsboro' Jack and that notion is enhanced by considering that the latter was 3.43s outside the time I calculated (see 1893) would be required to beat the record set over a longer distance by The Lamb (like Cloister rated -14 on my Scroll Of Merit), the 4lb less carried by The Lamb compared to Kellsboro' Jack being of minimal import. Nevertheless, that Cloister's winning time was surpassed on four occasions in a short period, after having stood for so long, supports the argument that this was indeed THE golden age, and Kellsboro' Jack was very much part of it. And It cannot be said that long-term athletic development accounted for much of the reason for the series of quick times because on similar ground (and carrying 2lb more) Kellsboro' Jack ran 4.80s faster than had Grakle (-34) as recently as 1931. It is too unscientific (exact shades of the going in 1931 and 1933, relative pace in the races) to go against the general evidence above by viewing Kellsboro' Jack (allowing 3 1/2 lengths per second) as literally 19 (pounds/lengths) better than Grakle and merely 1 inferior to Cloister, however, with a sideways and ahead glance to multiple pieces of Gold Cup and Grand National form I am comfortable in placing him alongside Why Not and Manifesto at -19. And based strictly on how the horses emerged at the weights in the 1933 Grand National this places Really True and Delaneige at -33, Alpine Hut at -34, Slater at -38 and Forbra (rated -54 in 1932, carried 16lb more in 1933) at -41. The Scroll now reads: -7 Troytown; -14 Lottery, The Lamb, Disturbance, Seaman, Come Away, Cloister, Jerry M, Easter Hero; -17 Poethlyn; -18 Congress, The Liberator; -19 Why Not, Manifesto, Kellsboro' Jack.      












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