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3rd/19th (OD) - fence 4' 11" H (was 4' 9"); 12th/28th - fence 5' H (5' 1").


Fr 28 Mar 1930 (3.03) 4m 4f Good 9.40.60 41 £9,805 W. Midwood

  1 Shaun Goilin 10 11-07 F. Hartigan T. Cullinan 100/8   Mid-division BB & VB 1C. Jumped well and made good progress, 3rd at 14th. 2nd (of 17) WJ. 3rd again BB 2C, 4th VB. Took 2nd once more at next (26th). Took lead on run to 29th where rider briefly lost irons. Consequently dropped to a close 3rd over last. Regained lead with about 50yds to go and just prevailed in fierce battle.
28 29 2 Melleray's Belle 11 10-00 W. Easterby J.F. Mason 20/1 NK Slowly away and outpaced. Circa 28th BB 1C. Gradual headway to be 13th at 14th, 12th WJ & 17th. Continued progress early 2C, left 5th BB. Took lead VB. Headed on the run to the 29th. Regained lead between last 2, narrow advantage last. Rider lost iron in fierce battle and headed again with about 50yds to go.
  3 Sir Lindsay 9 10-06 J. Anthony D. Williams 100/7 3 Away well & prominent, 7th BB 1C. Jockey took a pull, judging pace was too fast, and mid-division VB 1C. Left 8th at 14th, 6th WJ. 4th BB 2C, left 5th at 26th, 3rd at 28th & ABC. Disputed lead 29th. A close 2nd at last where mistake & rider lost irons and a place. Unable to get irons back or get up.
  4 Glangesia 10 10-04 A. Law J. Browne 33/1 12 Prominent. Disputed lead from 3rd, narrowly ahead BB 1C. Went a little wide at CT 1C and lost several places. Left vying for lead again 11th and went back in front alone after 12th. Not headed until very shortly after landing over VB 2C. Mistake next (26th) and dropped to 3rd. Under pressure in 4th at 28th and dropped to 5th briefly. Plugged on one-paced to finish a clear 4th.
29 5 Ballyhanwood 9 10-04 M. Blair E. Foster 33/1   Always prominent. 4th at 3rd, 9th BB 1C, 4th again at 14th, 8th WJ. Left 7th BB 2C. 4th once more at 26th. Left 5th at 28th and took 4th briefly before 29th. Soon weakened and dropped back to 5th.
  6 Royal Arch 9 10-02 G. Duller F. Thackray 50/1   Circa 30th at BB 1C and still in rear of mid-division at VB 1C. 14th at 14th & WJ. Unable to do more than try to hang onto back of leading group, however, becoming tailed off in 13th at 17th. Was tailed off in 12th at 20th. Left 11th at 21st and 9th BB 2C. Adrift of front 7 in 8th VB. Left 6th & last at 28th but still tailed off and nothing left to give. Finished well tailed off.
27 28 29 U Grakle 8 11-06 T. Coulthwaite K. Piggott 100/12F 28TH Away well & chased leaders BB 1C. Left 7th at 14th, same position WJ. Left 6th BB 2C and again left 6th at 26th. 5th and not necessarily done with when rider lost an iron, became unbalanced & fell off several strides after the 28th.
  F Annandale 8 10-00 E. Pease F. Gurney 100/1 27TH (OD) Mid-division, mistake in 15th BB 1C. 11th at 14th & WJ where bad mistake. Left 10th but becoming detached from main group at 21st. Left a distant 8th BB 2C. Left 7th at 26th. Tired, and had just been relegated to 8th & last (tailed off), when fell next.
29 U Toy Bell 8 10-05 Maj B. Powell D.J. Morgan 66/1 26TH Mid-division, 19th BB 1C. Headway to be 9th at 14th and further progress into 4th WJ. 2nd BB 2C. 5th VB and may have been feeling the pinch when mistake & UR next (26th).
  R Ibstock 10 10-13 G. Poole K. Goode 100/1 25TH (VB) Rear of mid-division BB 1C. Further towards rear in 17th at 14th & WJ where last. 16th but tailed off at 17th. Well tailed off in a last but one 14th at 20th. Left 13th next and 11th & last BB 2C. 10th & still rearmost when caused to refuse VB 2C.
29 F Theorem 13 10-00 M. Lindsay G. Owen 100/1 24TH (CT) Circa 32nd at BB 1C. Further towards rear in 16th at 14th, 15th WJ. Tailed off in 14th at 17th. Well tailed off in 13th at 20th. Left 12th next and 10th BB 2C. Fell CT 2C.
28 29 F May King(2) 11 10-09 P. Woodland G. Goswell jnr 40/1 22ND (BB) Initially chased leaders. 10th BB 1C. Mistake 10th, however, good progress to be 2nd at 14th. 5th WJ and when fell BB 2C, horse and jockey plunging into brook. Took 10 minutes to extricate the former who sustained injury.
29 F Merrivale 12 10-01 T. Rimell F. Brookes 40/1 22ND (BB) Very prominent in 3rd by BB 1C. Left disputing lead from 11th until just after 12th. 5th at 14th, 3rd again WJ. Faded early 2C but still in touch with leading group and had just been left 8th when fell BB.
  U Newsboy 9 11-04 E. Martin jnr Cpt R. Sassoon 50/1 22ND (BB) A midfield 25th BB 1C. Rear of mid-division 15th at 14th, 16th WJ. 15th but tailed off at 17th. Last & well tailed off at 20th and when landed too steeply, nearly fell, and UR BB 2C.
  U Blennerhasset 11 10-02 J. Cockton B. Dutton 66/1 21ST Prominent in 8th BB 1C. 10th at 14th & WJ. Still 10th and doing best to try to hang onto leading group when UR 21st.
  R The Monk 8 10-00 Maj B. Powell B. Parvin 100/1 20TH Very prominent in 5th BB 1C. 6th at 14th but had dropped to 9th WJ. 10th and seemingly still travelling okay when refused 20th.
29 P Harewood 8 10-00 I. Anthony T. Hamey 100/1 EARLY 2C Away well but had dropped into mid-division by BB 1C. Rear of midfield in 12th at 14th. 13th when very bad mistake WJ, as good as down and nearly unshipped jockey. Had dropped to 17th & last by 17th and soon PU.
  P Gate Book 9 11-08 Maj F. Barrett Tommy Morgan 50/1 15TH (CHAIR) Away well & very prominent 1st. Fighting for head and led, or vied for lead, from 2nd until fell 11th. Eventually remounted, well tailed off, only to refuse 13th. Kept going but PU Chair.
  F Savernake 10 10-10 Walter Nightingall R. McCarthy 100/1 14TH Mid-division BB 1C. Progress to become more prominent by 12th. 7th when fell 14th.
  F Agden 13 10-09 O. Moseley D. Moseley 50/1 14TH Initially rear of mid-division. Soon dropped towards rear and last when cleverly avoided the refusing Big Wonder at BB 1C. Continued rearmost (of main group) and well behind when fell 14th.
  F May Crescent 8 10-02 T. Rayson G. Hardy 25/1 ABC 1C Soon prominent. 6th BB 1C. 9th at 12th. Hampered & fell ABC 1C.
  R Tootenhill 8 10-07 G.H. Boswall-Preston C. Wenham 33/1 11TH (OD) Away well & very prominent, led over 1st. Headed circa 2nd. 4th BB 1C. In a similar position, towards the inner, when refused as urged to take off 11th, slipping into ditch with rider aboard. (Emerged through wing of obstacle and, in an act of great skulduggery, partnership illegally rejoined race, however, refused again next!) 
29 U Gregalach 8 12-00 H. Waldron B. Everett 100/6 11TH (OD) Interrupted preparation due to a bad splint. Fore of mid-division until badly hampered on take off at the 11th by the refusing Tootenhill in the ditch, landing in the fence & clambering through whilst UR in the process. 
29 R Delarue 8 10-06 G. Beeby Gerry Wilson 100/1 11TH (OD) Mid-division until suddenly veered to right & refused 11th, tipping jockey into ditch and running down fence to outer.
  R Alike 7 11-00 B. Gore M. Barry 28/1 11TH (OD) Away well but a midfield 27th BB 1C and rear of mid-division when refused 11th. (Half-hearted second attempt also resulted in a refusal.)
  U Guiding Light 9 11-03 J. D'Ardenne C. Langlands 100/1 11TH (OD) Mid-division BB 1C. Rear of same when hampered by a loose horse, saddle slipped & UR 11th.
  U Peggie's Pride 7 10-11 T. James T. McCarthy 33/1 11TH (OD) Rear of mid-division until hampered by loose horses, blundered & UR 11th.
  R Donzelon 9 11-07 Col G. Foljambe B. Lyall 66/1 11TH (OD) A midfield 20th at BB 1C. Rear of mid-division when caused to refuse by loose horses at the 11th, losing jockey in the process.
  R Cryptical 15 10-06 F. Bowcher J. Bisgood 100/1 11TH (OD) Towards rear until caused to refuse by loose horse (K.C.B.) 11th, jockey coming off.
  R Curtain Raiser 7 10-00 J. Burns P. Powell 100/1 11TH (OD) Towards rear until caused to refuse CT 1C by Soldier's Joy. Eventually kept going, completely tailed off, until refused again 11th.
29 U Sandy Hook 9 10-12 T.E. Leader T.E. Leader 25/1 10TH Prominent to 5th. Reined back and tracked leaders BB 1C. Mid-division when bad mistake & UR 10th.
29 U K.C.B. 8 10-12 F. Withington J. Moloney 22/1 10TH Chased leaders BB 1C. Rear of mid-division when pecked on landing & UR 10th.
29 F Lordi 9 11-02 H. Turner B. Stott 28/1 9TH (VB) A midfield 23rd BB 1C. Rear of mid-division when fell VB 1C.
28 29 R Soldier's Joy 12 10-00 P. Woodland Jimmy Farrell 100/1 8TH (CT) Away well but steadily lost position and rear of mid-division when refused CT 1C.
28 R The Gosling 10 10-00 H. Bazley A. Tannock 100/1 8TH (CT) Towards rear until caused to refuse by Soldier's Joy CT 1C.
29 R Big Wonder 10 10-11 G. Whitelaw Cpt H. Weber 50/1 6TH (BB) Well towards rear until refused BB 1C, causing rider to fly over fence & into brook despite his despairing grabs for fir on the way down.
28 29 R Ruddyman 11 10-02 Maj B. Powell E. Brown 100/1 6TH (BB) Well towards rear until hampered by Big Wonder & caused to refuse BB 1C.
  F Paris Flight 10 10-07 Cecil Young T. Vinall 100/1 5TH Fore of mid-division until fell 5th. (When loose ran out at the WJ & collided with a policeman, both fell!)
  F Derby Day(2) 8 10-00 C. Nicholson E. Stephenson 100/1 5TH Away well & immediately led. Headed before 1st. Fore of mid-division when fell heavily 5th. Broke neck. Dead.
29 R Gay Dog 10 10-00 F. Armstrong B. Gurney 66/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division until refused 3rd, plunging into ditch.
  F Donegal 13 11-02 P. Woodland B. Speck 25/1 2ND Towards rear, fell 2nd.



Perhaps a little surprisingly the field size for the 1930 Grand National returned to relative normalcy, however, it was still the third largest to this point. The prize money on offer took a dip due to the quickly felt ramifications of the Wall Street Crash and the beginnings of the Great Depression although any stock market blues did not deter the posse of American owners currently customary. The cash value to winning connections would not top that of 1929 until the "never had it so good" days of 1958.

A local owner celebrated in 1930 as Shaun Goilin ran the race of his life, bringing National joy also, at last, for Frank Hartigan, nephew of Garrett and Willie Moore, who had laid out the heavily backed former Grand Sefton winner. Tommy Cullinan completed an extraordinary hat trick having just won the Champion Hurdle and the Gold Cup, the latter aboard Easter Hero who then went lame. Cullinan, who must've been riding with tremendous confidence, lost both his irons at the 29th but managed to get at least one back whereas James Mason on Melleray's Belle, who, as usual, started slowly, appears to have lost one too late to recover which may have cost the mare victory. However, the same could be said about Sir Lindsay because Dudley Williams rode without his irons from the last. The second and third had just triumphed in the Cheltenham Foxhunters and National Hunt Chase respectively and it was the narrowest margin of success since 1882. It's unknown how well Grakle, whose rider also lost an iron, would have stayed on Good but my ratings suggest he would have required about another half a stone less weight than Shaun Goilin to have beaten the latter anyway.

The time was above average for the weight carried by Shaun Goilin, as Steeplechasing continued to improve, although none of the six finishers was able to reproduce the form, albeit on faster going, in 1931. Strictly at the weights in the 1930 Grand National Shaun Goilin came out 18 (pounds/lengths) superior to Sir Lindsay, 21 ahead of Melleray's Belle and 32 better than the bold front-running grey Glangesia. After allowing for the various lost irons I will adjust the winner's advantages to 17, 22 and 34 respectively. According to Jack Anthony, Sir Lindsay was approximately two stones inferior to his absent stable companion Easter Hero whom I rated -14 in 1929. Therefore, I will rate Sir Lindsay -42 and consequently Shaun Goilin -25. Melleray's Belle receives -47, an improvement of 10 upon last year for what I think was a better run but I may have underestimated the allowance granted for her particularly slow start in 1929 a little bit too. Glangesia gets -59.   











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