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Sa 26 Mar 1966 (3.17) 4m 4f Soft 9.52.80 47 £22,334 S. Levy & N. Cohen

  1 Anglo 8 10-00 F. Winter T. Norman 50/1   Outpaced early. In dispute of a mid-division 23rd at 14th. Progress around Chair to be 13th (of 36) WJ. Continued headway to vye for 6th at 19th. Left 3rd BB 2C where pecked & slightly hampered. Took 2nd CT. Joined in that position 27th and still sharing 2nd, 2L down, next. Disputed lead before 29th, led outright between last 2. 2L ahead last. Drew right away. 10L clear Elbow. Ridden out. Eased last few strides.
65 2 Freddie 9 11-07 R. Tweedie P. McCarron 11/4F 20 Chased leaders in early stages, left 12th BB 1C. 6th CT 1C & 11th, 9th at 14th and 6th again WJ. 8th at 19th. Left 2nd BB where pecked. Disputed 3rd CT, 5th at 28th. Headway into 3rd once more by next and same position but circa 12L down last. 15L 3rd at Elbow. Kept on into 2nd.
  3 Forest Prince 8 10-08 Cpt N. Crump G. Scott 100/7 5 Away well & very prominent over first 2, disputed lead from 3rd to 5th and led outright from next (BB 1C) through CT 1C. Joined briefly VB 1C but led outright again 10th. Jumped markedly left 12th, 3L ahead WJ. 2L to the good 19th, 5L in front 23rd & VB. Jumped left once more 28th where advantage back to 2L. Joined 29th and 2L down in 2nd last. 10L 2nd Elbow. Weakened.  
  4 The Fossa 9 10-08 F. Rimell T. Biddlecombe 20/1 20 Mid-division, 17th WJ. Progress early 2C to be 9th at 19th. Left 11th BB and disputed 7th CT. Kept on dourly past tiring horses after 28th.
  5 Jim's Tavern 9 10-00 J. Hicks N. Gaselee 100/1 4 Mid-division 1C, disputed 19th at 14th and 23rd WJ. Some headway early 2C to be left 10th BB where pecked, slipped & slightly hampered. Nevertheless, same position CT. Kept on dourly past tiring horses after 28th.
65 6 Quintin Bay 10 10-00 A. Brabazon J. Cullen 100/1 4 Prominent from 1st. Left 5th BB 1C where pecked. 4th, or disputing it, from CT 1C through 14th. Same position WJ where bad mistake. Still vying for 4th at 19th. Left 5th BB and identical place CT. Unable to make any further inroads. Slightly faded after 28th.
  7 Norther 9 10-00 D. Jenkins P. Jones 100/1 1 Fore of mid-division, disputed 10th at 14th and 8th WJ. Chased leaders entire 2C, left 9th BB where pecked. Same position CT. Kept on one-paced past tiring horses after 28th.
  8 Highland Wedding 9 10-00 T. Balding O. McNally 15/2 2 Held up in mid-division, disputed 19th at 14th and 21st WJ. Rapid headway early 2C and vied for 4th at 19th. Left 4th BB and shared 3rd CT. Slight mistake 26th but disputed 2nd next. Same position, 2L down, at 28th. Under pressure and soon dropped to 4th. 5th over last 2. Weakened further. Finished lame.
65 9 Vulcano 8 10-01 Cpt R. Price J. Gifford 25/1   Rear of mid-division BB 1C, 28th at 14th and 24th WJ. Some progress early 2C to be left 14th BB. Disputed 11th CT. Continued headway and 5th at 28th. Weakened somewhat thereafter.
64 10 Gale Force 9 10-00 D. Moore B. Coonan 50/1   Fore of mid-division before headway to chase leaders in 10th CT 1C. Vied for 10th WJ. Left in dispute of 6th BB 2C, 6th outright CT. Continued progress CS and 4th at 28th. Maintained that position over last 2, under pressure. Weakened badly thereafter.
  11 Big George 11 10-00 W. Francis J. Morrissey 33/1   Mid-division, 18th WJ. Left 12th BB 2C, disputed 11th CT. Plodded on very one-paced.
63 65 12 Loving Record 12 10-00 T.J. Taaffe B. Hannon 50/1   Mid-division, disputed 15th CT 1C. Headway CS 1C and 7th at 13th & WJ. Left in share of 6th BB 2C where slightly hampered, vied for 7th CT. Continued to chase leaders in 8th at 28th and after but very one-paced. Weakened quite badly and 12th & last over last. Plugged on.
  R Harry Black 9 10-00 H. Lane R. Court 100/1 28TH Became prominent before 5th. Left 6th BB 1C, 7th CT 1C & 11th, 8th at 14th and had dropped to 12th WJ. Left in dispute of 6th again BB 2C where pecked, slipped & nearly down, shared 11th CT. 13th & tailed off last and tiring when caused to refuse by a loose horse running across fence in his path 28th.
65 P Vultrix 8 10-07 F. Cundell S. Mellor 100/7 27TH (OD) Fore of mid-division. Left in dispute of 9th BB 1C, 8th CT 1C, vied for 23rd at 14th and 19th WJ. Midfield BB 2C and rear of same in 16th CT 2C. Had dropped into rear group, tailed off, when PU 27th.
64 65 R L'Empereur 12 10-02 T. Balding Duke Of Alburquerque 100/1 27TH (OD) Away well & very prominent over 1st & 2nd. 3rd at 4th, 2nd by BB until CT 1C and disputed lead next (VB). Bad mistake 10th and merely vied for 4th at 11th. 5th at 14th and had dropped to 9th by WJ. Continued to fade 2C and left 16th BB, a rear of mid-division 17th CT. In rear group, tailed off, when refused 27th.
64 P Flying Wild 10 11-00 D. Moore P. Taaffe 20/1 27TH (OD) Mid-division. Disputed 23rd at 14th, 28th WJ. Left 17th and last of the midfield BB 2C. Hampered by a loose horse jumping 23rd. A rear of mid-division 18th CT. In rear group, tailed off, when PU 27th.
  P Royal Ruse 8 10-00 F. Walwyn T. Hyde jnr 100/1 27TH (OD) Mid-division. Bad mistake 3rd. 16th at 14th, 14th WJ. Left 15th BB 2C and same place, in rear of midfield, CT 2C. In rear group, tailed off, when PU 27th.
64 65 P April Rose 11 10-07 A. Kilpatrick Maj P. Bengough 100/1 27TH (OD) Rear of mid-division, outpaced. 33rd at 14th, last but two WJ. Well tailed off in rear group by BB 2C. 20th & last over CT. Last but one when PU 27th. 
  P My Gift 10 10-00 P. Rooney T. Redmond 100/1 27TH (OD) Rear of mid-division, outpaced. disputed 30th at 14th, 31st WJ. Well tailed off in rear group by BB 2C. 19th & last but one over CT. Last when PU 27th.
65 F Brown Diamond 11 10-00 P. Murphy F. Shortt 100/1 25TH (VB) Away quite well & chased leaders. Left 11th BB 1C, 9th CT 1C, disputed 12th at 14th and 15th WJ. Still mid-division 19th. Left 13th BB where slightly hampered. Vied for 11th CT. Same place when had to be vigorously ridden into VB & fell.
  P Dorimont 12 10-00 B. Shand-Kydd B. Shand-Kydd 50/1 24TH (CT) Mid-division 1C, 26th WJ. Struggled 2C and well tailed off in rear group by BB. Plum last approaching CT where PU.
65 F Kapeno 9 10-06 P. Cazalet D. Mould 100/7 22ND (BB) Prominent. Left 4th BB 1C. 3rd by CT 1C until after 19th. A close 2nd, going well, when took off too soon, went slightly left, crashed through the top of BB & fell.
  F Greek Scholar 7 10-04 D. Smith M. Scudamore 50/1 22ND (BB) Chased leaders by 4th. Left 7th BB 1C, 5th CT 1C, 2nd from 10th until after 19th. Had just been left 2nd again, going well, when pecked badly & fell BB 2C.
  B Valouis 7 10-00 F. Prendergast E. Prendergast 50/1 22ND (BB) Fairly prominent early. Lost position slightly down CS 1C, disputed 14th at 14th. Chased leaders in a share of 10th WJ. Headway to vie for 4th at 19th. Had just been left 2nd, in turn, when BD by a combination of Kapeno & Greek Scholar BB 2C.
  U What A Myth 9 11-04 Cpt R. Price P. Kelleway 11/2 22ND (BB) Outpaced for a large part of 1C. Disputed 26th at 14th. Mistake next (Chair), nevertheless, 20th WJ. Had just been left vying for 9th, going well, when slipped upon landing & UR BB 2C.
64 F Supersweet 9 10-06 A. Stephenson D. Crossley-Cooke 100/1 22ND (BB) Outpaced, 30th WJ. In rear group, tailed off, when hampered by loose horses & fell BB 2C.
65 B Leslie 10 10-05 A. Kilpatrick M. Opperman 100/1 22ND (BB) Rear of mid-division 1C, 32nd at 14th & WJ. In rear group, tailed off, when BD by loose horses BB 2C.
  P Stirling 10 10-11 P. Easterby B. Beasley 28/1 22ND (BB) Mid-division 1C, 27th WJ. In rear group, tailed off, when PU just after BB 2C.
  U Flamecap 9 10-00 C. Ronaldson F. Carroll 100/1 21ST Became increasingly prominent after 12th. 7th at 14th, 5th WJ. Had dropped back a bit and in fore of mid-division when bad mistake & UR 21st.
  F Major Hitch 8 10-01 A. Stephenson P. Broderick 50/1 20TH Away well & fairly prominent early. In fore of mid-division CT 1C where disputed 13th. Vied for 10th at 14th, 16th WJ. Similar position when fell 20th.
  P Solimyth 10 10-01 A. Oughton J. Lawrence 100/1 20TH Mid-division 1C. Mistake CT. 22nd WJ. Further towards rear when PU 20th.
  P King Pin 10 10-11 R. Armytage T. Durant 100/1 20TH Always towards rear. Left 43rd & last BB 1C. Remained rearmost and well tailed off when PU 20th.
62 63 64 65 R Gay Navarree 14 10-00 J. Sutcliffe snr B. Jones 100/1 19TH (OD) Initially chased leaders. Jumped left BB 1C where left in dispute of 9th. Shared 13th CT 1C, vied for 23rd at 14th and 25th WJ. Similar position when refused 19th.
  F Scottish Final 9 10-00 F. Muggeridge J. Gamble 100/1 19TH (OD) Rear of mid-division 1C, 29th WJ. Similar position when fell 19th.
  P Mac's Flare 10 10-00 D. Charlesworth R. Langley 100/1 19TH (OD) Always towards rear. Left 40th and in back group BB 1C. Last but one, tailed off, WJ. Little change when PU 19th.
  P In Haste 8 10-03 V. Bewicke J. Leech 100/1 AFT 16TH (WJ) Spirited start and left 8th BB 1C where pecked badly. 12th CT 1C. Had dropped right away by 14th where 29th. 33rd WJ where bad mistake, dropping hind legs into water, and immediately PU.
  R Game Purston 8 10-00 J. Yeomans P. Cowley 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Mid-division, disputed 19th at 14th. Similar position when refused next (Chair), ending up in the ditch whilst decanting rider onto landing side.
  F Irish Day 10 10-00 P. Rooney J. Magee 40/1 15TH (CHAIR) Away well & very prominent until dropped back several places after blundering & nearly unseating rider 3rd. Gradually fell further back. Mistake 13th and again nearly down. Had dropped to 34th at 14th and similar position when took one chance too many next (Chair).
65 U Black Spot 9 10-00 W. Marshall J. Speid-Soote 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Always towards rear and still in the back group when took off from too far away when spotted Game Purston in ditch and landed on top of fence dislodging rider Chair.
  R Monarch's Thought 12 10-00 D. Ellison G. Cramp 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Always towards rear. 38th and in back group at 14th. Similar position when refused (or caused to refuse by loose horses) next (Chair).
  R Fujino-O 7 12-00 F. Walwyn J. King 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Always towards rear. Left 42nd & last but one BB 1C. 40th and still in back group 14th. Similar position when refused next (Chair), briefly becoming suspended in mid-air when part of his tack became caught on the fence.
65 P Bold Biri 10 10-00 W. Stephenson J. Lehane 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Always towards rear. Left 41st and in back group BB 1C. Remained 41st (last but one) at 14th. Hampered by a posse of loose horses & PU before attempting to negotiate next (Chair).
  P Willow King 11 10-00 J. Barratt L. McLoughlin 100/1 14TH Away well & led 1st & 2nd. Joined 3rd & 4th. 3rd BB 1C where pecked. Had dropped to 11th CT 1C. Continued to weaken CS 1C and with rear group when PU 14th.
  U Packed Home 11 10-03 D. Moore T. Carberry 33/1 6TH (BB) Prominent by 2nd. Very prominent next and in 4th when pecked badly & UR BB 1C.
  F Popham Down 9 10-00 F. Walwyn W. Robinson 22/1 6TH (BB) Away well & chased leaders. Had just been left 11th when fell BB 1C.
64 65 R Groomsman 11 11-00 G. Wells S. Roberts 100/1 6TH (BB) Soon well entrenched in last, becoming tailed off by 5th and wanted nothing to do with BB 1C.
  F Rough Tweed 12 10-07 Cpt N. Crump P. Buckley 22/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division until fell 3rd.



There was still no joy for Scotland in the 1966 Grand National as Freddie, the shortest priced favourite since 1935, Became the latest dual runner-up. Those who were up there all the way may have gone too hard on going correctly described as Soft following overnight and morning rain. It was both a bit wet and slippery in places and "a bit sticky" (Pat McCarron) although the winning jockey described it as "eyeball soft". It certainly suited Anglo who could not go the pace early but finished full of running. He was a big price for a horse who had a win and two seconds in the 1965/66 season and who would win nine chases in his career. Fred Winter was proved correct in his belief that the horse would improve for a marathon trip. 21 year old Tim Norman survived a Thursday car accident with merely cuts to his face to steer Anglo to victory and help Winter add a second and final Grand National as a trainer to the two he had garnered as a rider. Fred would be forced into retirement due to a 1987 fall and stroke while Norman's career was frequently interrupted by injury and he would call it a day in 1973 to become a housing developer - thankfully not at Aintree! The co-owners ran a British film company, Anglo-Amalgamated, which had initiated the Carry On series. Nat Cohen had owned 1962 winner Kilmore. The 36 runners remaining at the Water Jump equalled the record set in 1947. Gay Navarree yet again ran as Pontin-Go. Kapeno, Greek Scholar, Valouis and What A Myth might all be considered as somewhat unfortunate.

Overall the competitors were of relatively moderate fare and the winning time not great. It was a full six seconds slower than that of 1964, although in that year the Soft ground tended towards the Good to Soft side, and was 2.80s tardy of Kilmore's in 1962 when the surface was Soft (Heavy places) and he carried 4lb more than Anglo did in 1966. On the other hand the time was around ten seconds faster than Mr What's (rated -28 raw) in 1958 (before the fence changes) on Heavy. As is often the case with time comparisons the outcome is all rather mixed and inconclusive. To me, it seems to prove the going was Soft, and just that, and the pace did collapse a bit. Strictly at the weights in the 1966 Grand National Freddie emerged 1 (pound/length) ahead of Anglo, 18 better than Forest Prince, 38 too good for The Fossa, 50 in advance of Jim's Tavern, 54 ahead of Quintin Bay, 55 better than Norther and 57 too good for Highland Wedding. Again to me, Freddie was a little disappointing - he was never going quite as well as in 1965 - which McCarron attributed to the weight on the going, though Freddie actually carried 3lb less than in the previous renewal. However, the bottom weight was 13lb lower than a year earlier so Pat's theory has some merit. Having said that, however, Freddie had only won one race in the 65/66 season and had been beaten by 47 in the 1965 Hennessy Gold Cup (over 1m shorter than the National) by Arkle (whom I speculated could have been a couple inferior to Golden Miller (see 1964)). Inconclusive once more but bearing every thing in mind I will rate Freddie at -37 in 1966 (compared to -30 in 1965) and that figure may be generous. Therefore, my final ratings for this year, allowing Anglo 6 for ease of victory and pecking and being slightly hampered at second Becher's, allowing Forest Prince 1 for jumping left at least twice, awarding Jim's Tavern 2 for his troubles at Becher's final time and awarding Quintin Bay 1 for a bad (could have been fatal) error at the water, are Anglo -32, Freddie -37, Forest Prince -55, The Fossa -76, Jim's Tavern -86, Quintin Bay -91, Norther -93 and Highland Wedding (who finished lame) -97.  











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