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Sa 27 Mar 1965 (3.18) 4m 4f Good 9.30.60 47 £22,041 M. Stephenson

  1 Jay Trump 8 11-05 F. Winter T.C. Smith 100/6   Initially held up in rear of mid-division. Left 12th BB 1C, 9th CT 1C, 15th at 14th and 12th (of 28) again WJ. Left in dispute of 8th (middle of leading group) BB 2C, left 5th CT and continued progress to be left in dispute of lead 26th. Shared lead until leapt into 1/4L advantage last. 1L ahead Elbow. Ran on always holding runner-up.
  2 Freddie 8 11-10 R. Tweedie P. McCarron 7/2F 3/4 Away well & very prominent 1st. 4th BB 1C, disputed same position CT 1C where cut corner well, 3rd at 12th, 7th at 14th and vied for 3rd again WJ. Shared 4th once more 19th and left in identical position BB. Still 4th CT where again exploited inside line expertly and 3rd next (VB). Left in dispute of lead 26th. Headed upon landing last and 1L down in 2nd Elbow. Ran on, threatened to rally, but always just held.
63 3 Mr Jones 10 11-05 A. Stephenson C. Collins 50/1 20 Well held up. Left in dispute of 29th BB 1C, 20th at 14th and 21st WJ. Left in dispute of 13th (middle of leading group) BB 2C and left 13th outright CT where chased leaders. Further headway CS and vied for 6th at 28th on the outside. 6th alone 29th and 4th last. Took 3rd after Elbow. Kept on but not the pace of first two.
  4 Rainbow Battle 9 10-13 V. Bewicke G. Milburn 50/1 1 1/2 Fore of mid-division 1st. Left 9th BB 1C, 10th CT 1C & 14th and 14th WJ. Left 10th again BB 2C (middle of leading group) and left vying for 8th, chasing leaders, CT. Headway into 4th by 28th. Circa 10L down in 3rd at 29th and same position next (last). Lost 3rd after Elbow.
  5 Vultrix 7 11-01 F. Cundell D. Nicholson 100/6 12 Away well but soon lost initial position and left in dispute of 23rd BB 1C. 21st CT 1C, rallied to be 12th at 14th, mistake next (Chair) but vied for 10th WJ. Left in dispute of 8th (middle of leading group) BB 2C and left 7th, chasing leaders, CT. Some headway to be 5th from 28th, keeping on for pressure before becoming very tired.
64 6 L'Empereur 11 10-13 J. O'Donoghue J. Ciechanowski 100/1 12 Prominent 1st. Left 5th BB 1C, disputed 4th CT 1C, 2nd at 10th, vied for lead 11th & 12th. Shared 2nd at 14th and in dispute of 3rd WJ. Same position outright from 17th to 19th, left disputing 4th again BB where slightly hampered and left 3rd once more CT. Faded slightly CS into a share of 6th at 28th. 8th next and 7th last. Kept on one-paced to regain 6th.
  7 The Rip 10 11-05 P. Cazalet B. Rees 9/1   Away well & prominent 1st. Mistake 3rd, left 7th BB 1C, 8th CT 1C, 5th at 11th, 4th at 12th & 14th and disputed 3rd WJ. Left 6th BB 2C (middle of leading group) and left 6th again, chasing leaders, CT. Faded CS and 12th at 28th, however, kept on one-paced to get back up to 7th.
63 8 Loving Record 11 11-00 T.J. Taaffe B. Hannon 33/1   Mid-division 1st. Left 20th BB 1C, disputed 18th CT 1C, progress to be 8th by 14th, 9th WJ. Left 11th BB 2C (middle of leading group) and left 11th again CT, chasing leaders. 10th at 28th & 29th, 9th once more last, plugged on into 8th.
  9 Tant Pis 10 10-13 J. Alder J. Alder 40/1   Mid-division 1st. Left 18th BB 1C, 16th CT 1C & 14th and vied for 17th WJ. Modest progress to be left 12th (middle of leading group) BB 2C and left in dispute of 8th, chasing leaders, CT. Continued headway along CS to be sharing 6th at 28th but could only muster one pace thereafter, despite urgings, and gradually declined to 7th at 29th, 8th last and plug on into 9th.
  10 Brown Diamond 10 10-13 P. Murphy W. McLernon 50/1   Away well & very prominent 1st. Had dropped to be left disputing 10th BB 1C, 11th from 7th, 14th at 14th and 16th WJ. Left sharing 13th BB 2C (middle of leading group) and left 14th CT, chasing leaders. 13th again 28th. Plugged on into 10th.
64 11 April Rose 10 10-13 A. Kilpatrick Maj P. Bengough 100/1   Always mid-division. Left 13th BB 1C, 17th at 14th and 19th WJ. Left 16th (rear of leading group) BB 2C and left a midfield 15th CT. 14th at 28th. Plugged on with minor progress thereafter.
  12 Culleenhouse 11 10-13 F. Rimell T. Biddlecombe 25/1   Away well & fore of mid-division 1st. Left 19th BB 1C, disputed 14th CT 1C, 11th at 14th and shared 10th WJ. Effort to chase leaders after 19th and left 7th (middle of leading group) BB. Left in dispute of 8th CT. Had dropped to 11th by 28th and no response to whip immediately after. Plugged on very one-paced.
63 64 13 Peacetown 11 11-00 G. Owen P. Pickford 25/1   Away well & led 1st. In first four up to BB 1C where disputed lead. 2nd at 7th & CT 1C, shared lead next (VB), led outright again 10th, joined 11th & 12th, disputed 2nd at 14th and outright 2nd once more Chair & WJ. Vied for lead 17th to 19th, 2nd (1L down) BB. Same position CT where 2L adrift and nearly knocked over by Gay Navarree jumping into him from behind, however, still 2nd next (VB). Left in share of lead again 26th where bad mistake & nearly unshipped jockey. Dropped to 3rd after 27th. Came under pressure after 28th and a tired 4th at 29th. Had dropped to 6th by last and heavily eased thereafter.  
63 14 Moyrath 12 10-13 T. Finch B. Richmond 100/1   Rear of mid-division 1st. Left 25th BB 1C, same position outright CT 1C & 14th and disputed 24th WJ. Left 18th and in rear group BB 2C, left a towards rear 17th CT and left 15th at 28th. Plodded on.
64 P Reproduction 12 10-13 G. Owen R. Langley 40/1 AFT 29TH Rear of mid-division 1st. Left 31st BB 1C, disputed 23rd at 14th and 20th WJ. Left 15th (middle of leading group) BB 2C and left 12th CT, chasing leaders. Continued progress to share 6th at 28th. Faded badly from ABC. A very tired 9th at 29th. Went to the inside, eased down, stopped to a virtual walk & PU shortly after it. 
  P Quintin Bay 9 10-13 A. Brabazon P. Taaffe 25/1 ABC 2C Always towards rear. Left 28th BB 1C. Disputed 26th WJ. Left 21st and in rear group BB 2C. Left 19th CT. Left 16th at 28th. PU ABC 2C.
62 63 U Blonde Warrior 13 10-13 J. Dodd D. Crossley-Cooke 100/1 28TH Towards rear 1st. Left 27th BB 1C. Same position CT 1C. Disputed 21st WJ. Left 19th and in rear group BB 2C. Left 18th CT. Still in rear group and 15th when, possibly distracted by loose horses, jinked on take off 28th. Got over but UR in the process.
64 P Lizawake 12 10-13 B. Marshall G. Hartigan 100/1 28TH Mid-division 1st. Left in dispute of 14th BB 1C, 18th at 14th and shared 17th WJ. Left 17th (rear of leading group) BB 2C and left a midfield 16th CT. Faded badly down CS even before bad mistake 27th. Had just been left 16th when PU 28th.
  F Black Spot 8 10-13 W. Marshall J. Gamble 100/1 MID TO LATE CS 2C Mid-division 1st. Left 16th BB 1C where mistake, disputed 18th CT 1C, 21st at 14th and 23rd WJ. Left 20th and in rear group BB 2C. Well towards rear in 20th & last when fell CT. Remounted after some delay, utterly tailed off. Fell again somewhere between 26th & 28th.
  F Rondetto 9 11-06 B. Turnell J. King 100/8 26TH Slowly away & towards rear 1st. Steady early progress and left in dispute of 21st BB 1C. 17th CT 1C, 10th by ABC 1C. Buzzed up by loose horses after 13th and led next. Still in front WJ. Joined from 17th to 19th, led again from 20th. 1L ahead BB and had doubled that advantage by CT. Remained to the fore and going very well when fell 26th.
62 63 64 F Gay Navarree 13 10-13 W. Marshall J. Lehane 50/1 24TH (CT) Away well & chased leaders 1st. Left in dispute of 10th BB 1C where hampered in melee and did well to stay upright. 12th CT 1C, 9th at 14th and 8th WJ. Sustained progress to be vying for 3rd BB 2C. Same position when jumped left into the back of Peacetown & fell CT 2C.
  R Leslie 9 10-13 A. Kilpatrick P. Jones 33/1 23RD Mid-division 1st. Left in dispute of 29th BB 1C, 27th at 14th and shared 26th WJ. Left 22nd & last but one BB 2C where pecked badly/sprawled & nearly down. Hampered by loose horses and caused to refuse next.
  P Vulcano 7 10-13 Cpt R. Price T. Carberry 50/1 23RD Very prominent 1st but soon unable to sustain the pace and left in dispute of 23rd BB 1C. 26th CT 1C, 22nd at 14th & WJ. Left 23rd & last BB 2C where pecked badly/sprawled & nearly down. PU before next.
  F Kapeno 8 11-06 P. Cazalet D. Dick 100/8 22ND (BB) Fore of mid-division 1st. Left 8th BB 1C where slightly hampered. 7th CT 1C, 5th at 14th and disputed 3rd WJ. Vied for 4th at 19th. Disputing 3rd again and going well when fell BB 2C.
  R Ballygowan 11 10-13 B. Brogan T. Redmond 66/1 20TH Mid-division 1st. Left 17th BB 1C where slightly hampered. 22nd CT 1C, 28th at 14th. Same position WJ where last. Still towards rear when refused 20th.
64 F Time 10 10-13 F. Nicholson B. Scott 40/1 19TH (OD) Rear of mid-division 1st. Left 26th BB 1C, disputed 23rd CT 1C, 19th at 14th and 15th WJ. Similar position when fell 19th.
  F Leedsy 7 10-13 K. Piggott W. Robinson 18/1 18TH Fore of mid-division 1st. Left 6th BB 1C, same position outright CT 1C & 14th and 7th WJ. Disputing 5th when fell 18th.
  U Bold Biri 9 10-13 W. Stephenson M. Scudamore 100/1 17TH Mid-division 1st. Left in dispute of 21st BB 1C, 13th at 14th & WJ. Similar position when mistake & UR 17th.
  P Sword Flash 12 10-13 H. Smith T. Ryan 100/1 16TH (WJ) Rear of mid-division 1st. Left in dispute of 14th BB 1C where pecked badly & nearly down. Dropped back to a share of 23rd by CT 1C. Under pressure from 12th. 29th & last but one 14th. Same position when PU WJ.
  P Mr McTaffy 13 10-13 A. Bacon T. Jackson 100/1 16TH (WJ) Towards rear 1st. Left 34th & last but one BB 1C. 33rd & last CT 1C where becoming tailed off. WAS tailed off by 14th where 30th & last. Same position when PU WJ.
  U Phebu 8 10-13 A. Jones J. Morrissey 33/1 13TH Away well & very prominent 1st. Led over 2nd through 5th, 3rd BB 1C, led again from 7th to VB 1C, 3rd once more at 10th & 11th. Vying for lead when hampered by a loose horse running across fence on take off 13th, jinked and managed to clamber over but jockey already on landing side ground. (When loose fell into brook at VB 2C.)
  R French Cottage 13 10-13 B. Tellwright B. Tellwright 100/1 12TH Fore of mid-division 1st but soon outpaced and left 32nd BB 1C. Still 32nd, last but one and slightly detached, when possibly hampered by a loose horse VB 1C & caused to refuse (or just refused). Kept going, well tailed off last. Still so when refused again 12th.
62 63 F Dark Venetian 10 10-13 D. Barons J. Renfree 100/1 10TH Away well & prominent 1st. Mistake 3rd and slight error 4th but disputed lead BB 1C. 3rd next (7th) & CT 1C. 4th when fell 10th.
63 R Solonace 14 10-13 B. Clay R. Jones 100/1 8TH (CT) Always towards rear. Left 33rd BB 1C. Last but one when refused CT 1C.
  R Coleen Star 11 10-13 D. Charlesworth J. Leech 100/1 7TH Always towards rear. Left 35th & last BB 1C, becoming tailed off. Refused next (7th).
  F Nedsmar 11 10-13 E. Graham J. Hudson 100/1 6TH (BB) Prominent 1st. Slight mistake 4th. 5th approaching BB 1C when weak shoulder started to give way causing horse to veer and jump left & fall.
  B Ruby Glen 10 10-13 G. Owen S. Davenport 33/1 6TH (BB) Fore of mid-division 1st. Had just been left 6th when BD by fall of Nedsmar BB 1C.
  B Sizzle-On 9 10-13 I. Jordan P. Hurley 100/1 6TH (BB) Fore of mid-division 1st. Had just been left 7th when BD by fall of Nedsmar BB 1C.
  U Barleycroft 10 10-13 S. Palmer P. Harvey 100/1 6TH (BB) Mid-division 1st. Had just been left 10th when hampered in melee & UR BB 1C.
  B Forgotten Dreams 11 11-00 A. Thomas B. Coonan 22/1 6TH (BB) Towards rear 1st where bad mistake. Had just been left 17th when BD in melee BB 1C.
64 B Crobeg 12 10-13 P. Stringer M. Gifford 100/1 6TH (BB) Mid-division 1st. Had just been left 19th when BD in melee BB 1C.
64 U Groomsman 10 10-13 C. Chute Duke Of Alburquerque 100/1 4TH Prominent 1st. Chasing leaders when mistake & UR 4th.
  U Red Tide 8 10-13 B. Turnell J. Haine 33/1 4TH Mid-division until mistake & UR 4th.
  P Cutlette 8 10-13 P. Hannon M. Roberts 50/1 4TH Mid-division 1st. Leather broke jumping 3rd and PU before 4th.
  R Fearless Cavalier 14 10-13 J. Hooton R. West 100/1 4TH Towards rear until refused 4th.
  U Ronald's Boy 8 11-01 A. Stephenson G. Kindersley 100/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division until mistake & UR 3rd.
63 64 F Ayala 11 10-13 K. Piggott S. Mellor 50/1 1ST Mid-division, fell 1st.



There was a real threat that the 1965 Grand National would be the last because the previous summer Mirabel Topham announced that she intended to sell Aintree racecourse to a property developer (this against the background of the contemporary demise of Hurst Park, Manchester and Birmingham racecourses). And so started a tiresome saga that would not be fully resolved until after the 1983 renewal. We now know that ultimately Aintree would flourish (and it is not the main purpose of this website to go into such 'off the field' matters too deeply) so here I will give just a brief sort of chronological outline.

The 7th Lord Sefton, by virtue of the covenant in the 1949 sale that the land could only be used for horse racing or agriculture during his lifetime (he died in 1972), initially secured a court victory but it turned out to be a hollow one because it was reversed by the House of Lords in 1967 and, in any case, nobody could actually force Mrs Topham to finance and promote racing at Aintree against her will. Craftily and worryingly she had secured the rights to the name 'Grand National', however, the race was too unique to be run elsewhere with the same cachet and the public's fear of losing the National initially boosted flagging attendance (such as in 1965). After the local and county councils, and Liverpool Corporation, tried but could not afford to buy the course, Labour politician George (later Lord) Wigg played a vital role in saving Aintree by greatly influencing the Prime Minister Harold Wilson who represented a local constituency. Wigg became chairman of the Horserace Betting Levy Board in November 1967. The threat of losing the National became old hat and attendance declined again. The Conservatives were in power when Sefton passed away and perhaps Mrs Topham felt a loosening of personal moral restraints at this time because she finally sold to a property company, headed by Bill Davies who was a racing fan, in 1973. However, the sale did come with a stipulation that Davies would run the National for a further five years. Halfway through this period Davies found he had overstretched his resources so leased the course to Ladbrokes (in 1976). The betting firm developed the meeting up until its lease expired in 1982, however, for obvious reasons Aintree's infrastructure had been neglected for many years. Finally, the Jockey Club was helped by Seagram to purchase the course from Davies in time for the 1984 renewal and a fine future. Said it was tedious, didn't I!

Turning to the 1965 race, the lateish defection of Mill House caused the weights to rise to such an extent that the bottom weights ran off 10st 13lbs! Jay Trump, a dual Maryland Hunt Cup winner who had survived a three-hour op on a cut leg as a 2-y-o, became the first American horse to triumph since Battleship in 1938. He had been victorious in three of his five prep races as Fred Winter found instant success as a trainer and also coached Tommy Crompton Smith, the first American rider to win, advising him to go the shortest way! Smith, who described the race as "like Bedlam", later worked in education whilst Jay Trump went on to finish third in the Grand Steeplechase de Paris and win a third Maryland Hunt Cup before his early retirement. Freddie had won the 1964 Cheltenham Foxhunters and finished second in the same year's Scottish Grand National, the penultimate one run at Bogside. Rondetto was, perhaps, unlucky but heretofore had shown an inclination to pitch on landing. Gay Navarree again ran as Pontin-Go. To clarify the melee at first Becher's: Nedsmar's dodgy shoulder began to give out causing him to go left and fall, bringing down Ruby Glen and Sizzle-On. Barleycroft, Forgotten Dreams and Crobeg landed amidst this rumpus with inevitable consequences.

The first two in the 1965 Grand National were of better quality than those of 1964. April Rose finished further behind than the previous year and Peacetown would have done even if he hadn't been heavily eased. Strictly at the weights Freddie emerged 4 (pounds/lengths) better than Jay Trump, 25 ahead of Mr Jones, 32 too good for Rainbow Battle, 42 in advance of Vultrix and 56 better than L'Empereur. The going was Good, as officially described, leaning towards the Good to Soft side thereof. There is no collateral form and a time comparison with the most recent previous Good ground National, that of 1960 before the fences were altered, finds Jay Trump about 4 1/3s slower than Merryman (raw rating -35, final rating for that year -30) but Jay Trump carried 7lb more than did Merryman and in 1960 the surface was leaning towards the Good to Firm side of Good. However, the fence changes and a bit of general athletic improvement tends to counterbalance that, therefore, I will rate Freddie -30, Jay Trump -34, Mr Jones -55, Rainbow Battle -62, Vultrix, allowed 1 for a mistake at the chair, -71 and L'Empereur -86.    











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