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Sa 30 Mar 1963 (3.21) 4m 4f Soft (Good to Soft places) 9.35.80 47 £21,315 T.W. Raymond & K. Piggott

  1 Ayala 9 10-00 K. Piggott P. Buckley 66/1   Fore of mid-division 1st, chased leaders by 4th, 8th BB 1C. Mistake CT 1C where 7th. Same position 14th. 4th (of 33) WJ. 3rd from 18th through CT 2C. 4th at 28th and 5th just after it. Good progress to be 2nd next, 1/2L down. 1L 2nd at last and Elbow. Got up final 40yds. 
  2 Carrickbeg 7 10-03 D. Butchers J. Lawrence 20/1 3/4 Mid-division. Mistake 3rd. 17th BB 1C, 14th CT 1C. Same position WJ. Headway began going onto 2C and 4th by 21st. Slight mistake next (BB). 5th CT. Mistake and slightly hampered 27th but still 5th at 28th. Further progress to lead 29th and 1L ahead last. Maintained that advantage Elbow. Caught close home. 
  3 Hawa's Song 10 10-00 A. Stephenson P. Broderick 28/1 5 Mid-division. Disputed 11th BB 1C, shared 12th CT 1C. Chased leaders from 11th, 8th WJ. Prominent by 21st, vied for 5th BB 2C. 6th CT and very prominent CS. Disputed lead 28th. Dropped to a share of 3rd at 29th and 4th at last. Had retaken 3rd by Elbow. Under pressure but kept on.
60 61 62 4 Team Spirit 11 10-03 F. Walwyn W. Robinson 13/1 6 Fore of mid-division 1st, left in dispute of 24th BB 1C, left 24th again CT 1C and left 20th WJ. Steady progress 2C: 13th BB, chased leaders in 11th CT, left 8th at 29th, 5th at last & Elbow. Ran on, never nearer.
62 5 Springbok(2) 9 10-12 Cpt N. Crump G. Scott 10/1F HD Mid-division. Left in dispute of 24th BB 1C, 19th CT 1C, 17th WJ. Good headway early 2C to become prominent by 21st. 7th BB and 4th CT, vied for lead 28th. Shared 3rd next and narrowly outright 3rd at last. Had dropped to 4th by Elbow and lost that position post as weakened.
61 62 6 Kilmore 13 11-00 Cpt R. Price F. Winter 100/8 10 Held up in rear of mid-division. Left in dispute of 32nd BB 1C where slightly hampered, left vying for 28th CT 1C and left 22nd WJ. 18th BB 2C and still well off the pace in a midfield 19th CT. Chased leaders after 28th and left 7th next. 8th at last and took 6th before Elbow. Kept on dourly.
  7 Owen's Sedge 10 11-06 T. Dreaper P. Taaffe 20/1   Held up in rear of mid-division. Left 37th BB 1C, left 34th CT 1C, left 25th WJ. A midfield 16th BB & CT 2C. Chased leaders after 28th. Left 6th at 29th. 7th at last. Kept on dourly.
  8 French Lawyer 9 10-00 R. Newton Tim Ryan 50/1   Away well and very prominent. 5th at 1st, vied for 4th BB 1C, 2nd CT 1C, 3rd at 14th & WJ. Disputed 5th BB 2C, 2nd again, 1/2L down, CT 2C and took lead VB. Under pressure to maintain CS and joined 28th. Gradually faded to be 5th once more at 29th. 6th at last and weakened further run in.
62 9 Dark Venetian 8 10-02 B. Bassett D. Bassett 33/1   Mid-division. 19th BB 1C. Left 27th at both CT 1C & WJ. Disputed 23rd BB 2C. A rear of midfield 24th CT 2C. Stayed on very dourly thereafter. Never nearer.
61 62 10 Nicolaus Silver 11 11-00 F. Rimell B. Beasley 28/1   Slowly away and towards rear 1st. Left in dispute of 35th BB 1C where hampered, left sharing 31st CT 1C and left 26th WJ. Vied for 21st BB 2C where jumped untidily. A mid-division 20th CT. Stayed on dourly, 11th at last, never a threat.
59 11 Eternal 12 10-10 Lt Col R. Fenwick-Palmer T. Brookshaw 25/1   Fore of mid-division 1st. Disputed 20th BB 1C. Shared 22nd CT 1C. Left 23rd WJ. 19th BB 2C. A midfield 18th CT. Stayed on dourly. Never a threat.
62 12 Chavara 10 10-02 J. Peacock R. Edwards 40/1   Away well & very prominent, 2nd at 1st, 3rd BB 1C, 5th CT 1C. Continued to gradually fade: 8th at 14th and 10th WJ. 15th BB 2C. Rallied to chase leaders in 12th CT and kept on in similar position.
62 13 Carraroe 11 10-01 P. O'Brien W. McLernon 33/1   Mid-division. Disputed 14th BB 1C, 15th CT 1C. Progress to become prominent, despite bad mistake at 12th, and 6th at 14th & WJ. Lost a few places after 18th and chased leaders in 9th at BB & CT 2C. Faded a little thereafter.
62 14 Siracusa 10 10-00 B. Renton D. Mould 33/1   Mid-division. Left in dispute of 24th BB 1C, 21st CT 1C, 19th WJ. A midfield 17th BB & CT 2C. Kept on one-paced.
  15 Sham Fight 11 10-01 T. Robson J. Fitzgerald 50/1   Towards rear. Left in dispute of 38th BB 1C, left 37th CT 1C and left a last but one 32nd WJ. Modest progress 2C. Vied for 23rd BB and a rear of mid-division 21st CT. Kept on very one-paced.
62 16 Blonde Warrior 11 10-09 F. Walwyn B. Lawrence 66/1   Mid-division. Left 27th BB 1C, left 28th WJ. Vied for 25th BB 2C. A rear of midfield 23rd CT. Kept on very one-paced.
  17 Loyal Tan 8 10-05 A. Thomas T. Biddlecombe 66/1   Disputed 11th BB 1C, 10th CT 1C. Good progress to be 2nd at 14th & WJ, though 9L down at the latter. Further headway to briefly take lead 20th. A 2L 2nd BB 2C. Mistake 23rd and merely chasing leaders in 8th CT. Jockey waved violently to his auntie in the stands next (VB). Weakened badly thereafter.
  18 Woodbrown 9 10-00 E. Cousins J. Kenneally 66/1   Mid-division. 18th BB 1C, disputed 22nd CT 1C, left 24th WJ. A rear of midfield 27th BB & CT 2C. Plugged on. No Impact.
61 19 O'Malley Point 12 11-01 D. Ancil M. Scudamore 33/1   Mid-division. Left in dispute of 22nd BB 1C, 16th CT 1C, 13th WJ, 11th BB 2C. Dropped back to a midfield 14th CT and weakened badly thereafter.
62 20 Frenchman's Cove 8 12-00 T. Jones D. Dick 100/6   Mid-division. 16th BB 1C, shared 17th CT 1C where bad mistake, 15th WJ. No impact whatsoever 2C and had receded to a rear of midfield 22nd by CT. Plodded on. 
  21 Forty Secrets 9 10-07 E. Jones C. Chapman 50/1   Away well and 4th at 1st. Disputed same position BB 1C. Had dropped to 9th by CT 1C. Fore of mid-division when terrible mistake 13th, down on belly and remarkable recovery. Only able to plug on towards rear after. Left 30th WJ, 29th BB 2C, becoming tailed off in a last but one 28th CT. Laboured home.
62 22 Dandy Tim 10 10-00 J. Fawcus L. Major 50/1   Prominent. 4th at 1st, disputed 6th BB 1C, vied for 3rd CT 1C, 2nd from next (VB) to 13th, 4th again at 14th. Blundered Chair and 7th WJ. Faded badly 2C. Shared 25th BB, a rear of mid-division 26th CT. Laboured home.
62 F Gay Navarree 11 10-01 F. Carr P. Cowley 50/1 29TH Mid-division. Left in dispute of 22nd BB 1C, 20th CT 1C. Good headway to chase leaders in 9th WJ. Briefly 4th around 18th. 8th BB 2C. 7th CT where mistake. Still chasing leaders in 6th when fell 29th. 
  P Dagmar Gittell 8 10-05 B. Renton J. East 100/7 28TH Away quite well & fore of mid-division. Disputed 14th BB 1C, shared 17th CT 1C, 18th WJ. A midfield 13th CT 2C. Weakened CS and PU shortly after the 28th (at which jumped left).
  P Capricorn 10 10-00 N. Dent A. Major 66/1 28TH Fore of mid-division. 13th BB 1C and disputed 12th CT 1C. Chased leaders in 9th at the 11th. 11th WJ. Gradually faded to be 14th BB 2C and a midfield 15th CT. Weakened CS and had dropped a bit further back when swerved left and blundered 27th. PU before 28th and immediately dismounted.
  P Reprieved 10 10-01 J. Sutcliffe P.Pickford 50/1 28TH Always towards rear. Left 38th at both BB & CT 1C, left 31st WJ. Well behind in 28th BB 2C. Becoming tailed off in 29th & last CT. Well tailed off when PU before 28th.
  U Out And About 8 10-07 Cpt R. Price J. Gifford 25/1 27TH (OD) Immediately led. Mistake 7th but 10L clear at 12th and extended lead after ABC 1C to be 12L ahead at 13th. Led by 9L WJ. Just headed 20th but in front again 21st and 2L lead next (BB). 1/2L to the good CT. Headed again VB. Under pressure but still very prominent when mistake & UR 27th.
  F Peacetown 9 10-04 G. Owen R. Langley 50/1 27TH (OD) Prominent. 7th at 4th, disputed 6th BB 1C, in 6th outright CT 1C. Dropped back to the fore of mid-division after 12th, 12th WJ. Chased leaders in 10th BB & CT 2C. In similar position when fell 27th.
  P Loving Record 9 10-12 T.J. Taaffe T. Taaffe 100/7 25TH (VB) Towards rear 1st. Left in dispute of 35th BB 1C, left vying for 31st CT 1C and left 21st WJ. 20th BB 2C where jumped left. Had dropped back to a rear of mid-division 25th CT and in similar position when PU before next (VB).
62 P Seas End 11 10-03 J. Kempton J. Kempton 66/1 23RD Disputed 9th BB 1C, 8th CT 1C. Still fairly prominent immediately after 12th but had dropped back to 16th by WJ. Decline continued and last but one in 30th BB 2C. Tailed off when PU next (23rd).
  P College Don 11 10-00 W. Watts J. Wilkinson 66/1 23RD Rear of mid-division. Left in dispute of 32nd BB 1C where mistake & slightly hampered by the rising Good Gracious. Left 33rd CT 1C and left 29th WJ. 31st and last BB 2C. Tailed off when PU next (23rd).
60 61 U Jonjo 13 10-06 P. Peraldi Duke of Alburquerque 66/1 20TH Prominent, 6th at 1st. 2nd BB 1C where pecked. Disputed 3rd CT 1C where jumped right, 6th next (VB). Remained very handy, 5th at 14th & WJ. Gradually faded into mid-division. Mistake & UR 20th.
  R Look Happy 10 10-00 B. Turnell J. Haine 40/1 20TH Rear of mid-division. Left 30th at both BB & CT 1C. Lost position and left 33rd and last WJ. Tailed off when mistake & UR 19th. Quickly remounted, well tailed off, only to refuse next (20th) amidst a posse of loose horses.
  U Mr Jones 8 10-10 A. Stephenson P. Farrell 28/1 16TH (WJ) Mid-division. Left 28th BB 1C, left in dispute of 25th CT 1C. Vying for 19th when dropped hind legs into water, pitched and sent jockey over his head WJ.
  P Moyrath 10 10-02 P. Sleator F. Carroll 33/1 ABC 1C Rear of mid-division. Left 34th BB 1C and left 35th CT 1C. Similar position when hampered (probably by the refusing Mr What), crawled through the 11th, nearly unseating the rider, and lost all momentum. Nevertheless, negotiated the 12th but tailed off last when PU before ABC.
58 59 60 61 62 R Mr What 13 10-08 J. Dowdeswell T. Carberry 66/1 11TH (OD) Rear of mid-division. Left in dispute of 30th BB 1C, left 36th CT 1C where slight mistake. Similar position when refused 11th, parting company with rider and both ending up in the ditch.
62 R Melilla 9 10-00 T. Gates G. Cramp 66/1 11TH (OD) Rear of mid-division. Soon lost position and last but one BB & CT 1C. Similar position when refused (probably caused to by Mr What) and also wound up in the ditch minus rider.
  R Holm Star 9 10-00 E. Jones G.F. Kelly 66/1 11TH (OD) Rear of mid-division. Soon lost position and last BB & CT 1C. Becoming tailed off when caused to refuse by horses in the ditch 11th, running down obstacle to inner.
  F Connie 11 10-00 P. Hicks J. Guest 50/1 10TH Away well & 3rd at 1st. Gradually dropped back and disputed 9th BB 1C, 11th CT 1C. Had further subsided into mid-division when fell 10th.
  U Avenue Neuilly 8 10-04 W. Stephenson D. Nicholson 66/1 10TH Mid-division. Left 29th BB 1C and left in dispute of 25th CT 1C. Similar position when mistake & UR 10th. (Continued loose until fell & broke leg at second Becher's before running on three legs and stopping at 23rd. Dead.)
61 62 U Vivant 10 10-00 W. Stephenson R. Hamey 40/1 8TH (CT) Mid-division. Disputed 20th BB 1C where slight mistake. Sharing 22nd when jockey appeared to lose his left iron jumping & turning at CT, became unbalanced and fell off shortly after fence.  
  F Good Gracious 9 10-07 E. Jones P. Connors 66/1 6TH (BB) Mid-division. Disputing 20th when fell BB 1C.
  R Wartown 12 10-01 E. Cousins J. Gamble 66/1 4TH Towards rear when blundered 1st. Tailed off last when refused 4th.
  U Solonace 12 10-00 J. Yeomans K. White 66/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division when mistake & UR 3rd.
  U Wingless 8 10-03 E. Champneys A. Biddlecombe 66/1 3RD (OD) Mid to rear until mistake & UR 3rd.
  U Merganser 10 10-04 D. Ancil J. Mansfield 66/1 3RD (OD) Mid to rear until mistake & UR 3rd.
  F Magic Tricks 9 10-00 J. Boyes O. McNally 66/1 1ST Rear of mid-division, fell 1st.



As in the previous year, the 1963 Grand National was a bottom-heavy handicap fought out by lightweights and once more I disagree with the official going description which was Soft! The ground looks on film only marginally different to that of 1962 (when I called it Soft with Heavy places) and the first and fourth finished with plenty of speed and energy so I have added Good to Soft places for 1963 when the winning time was over fourteen seconds faster than in 1962. The time was also over a second quicker than Oxo's in 1959 on 'perfect' Good (though Oxo carried thirteen pounds more than Ayala) and over eleven seconds better than Nickel Coin's in 1951, the last occasion when the going was Soft (Good to Soft places). Ayala and Nickel Coin carried similar weights. Therefore, if the surface had been genuinely Soft iin 1963 the time would be ridiculously fast even allowing for some general athletic improvement, the slightly easier fences (sloping aprons extended and added in 1961) and the better overall sustained pace (than in 1951, 1959 and last year). That said, relatively speaking I would conclude that Ayala was better on the clock than Kilmore in 1962 which is borne out by collateral form.

The field for the 1963 National was the largest since 1952 and there were a record number of finishers, surpassing the nineteen in 1909 and 1933. Ayala became the third 66/1 winner and one of just six at that price or bigger so far. He had won three chases at 2 - 2 1/2 miles in 1960-61 and then had to be fired but Keith Piggott, son of Ernie and father of Lester, got Ayala back in good enough form to produce this performance which helped make Keith the season's Champion Trainer. Meantime, he had sold a half share in the horse to celebrity hairdresser Teasie Weasie Raymond. In a classic finish, described so eloquently and evocatively by jockey/journalist John Lawrence who rode Carrickbeg, nineteen year old Pat Buckley and his mount just got the better of the future Lord Oaksey. Ayala was never again even placed in a race, however, this was largely because in his next outing after the National he broke a small bone in a foot, an injury that was not discovered for some time.

Strictly at the weights in the 1963 Grand National Carrickbeg emerged 2 (pounds/lengths) superior to Ayala and Springbok, 8 better than Hawa's Song, 10 in advance of Kilmore and 11 too good for Team Spirit. Although now a 13-y-o it's hard to say Kilmore (whom I rated -43 in 1961 and -41 in 1962) ran all that much worse than his 1962 effort, he roughly confirmed the form with Dark Venetian, Nicolaus Silver and Gay Navarree (1L advantage at the 29th before fading in 1962, a close-up 6th when fell there this year). The winning time suggests Kilmore ran into slightly better performers in the 1963 National for which my ratings, allowing Carrickbeg 2 for his mistakes and Ayala 1 for an error at the first Canal Turn, are: Carrickbeg -31, Ayala -34, Springbok -35, Hawa's Song -40, Kilmore -43, Team Spirit -44.











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