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Sa 31 Mar 1962 (3.16) 4m 4f Soft (Heavy places) 9.50.00 32 £20,239 N. Cohen

61 1 Kilmore 12 10-04 Cpt R. Price F. Winter 28/1   Held up. Rear of mid-division 1st & BB 1C. Gradual modest headway and disputed 17th at 14th. Left 15th (of 29) WJ. Further progress to chase leaders in 7th BB 2C. 6th CT & along the CS. Took 5th soon after 28th and advanced to 2nd on run to 29th where 1L down. Led by 1/2L last and by 2 1/2L Elbow. Ran on well.
57 58 59 60 61 2 Wyndburgh 12 10-09 K. Oliver T. Barnes 45/1 10 Chased leaders 1st, fore of mid-division BB 1C, disputed 11th at 14th and left 11th WJ. Headway to be 5th BB 2C, same position CT. 4th from 28th to last where very close up. 2 1/2L down in 2nd Elbow. Kept on but unable to match Kilmore's pace & power after.
58 59 60 61 3 Mr What 12 10-09 R. Ward J. Lehane 22/1 10 Very prominent 1st. Disputed 8th BB 1C. 6th CT 1C. Vied for 5th at 14th. Left 4th WJ. 5th again next (17th), left 3rd at 19th, left 2nd at 20th, 3rd once more BB & CT 2C. Had dropped to 5th at 28th. Rallied to be 3rd at 29th and 2nd, 1/2L down, at last. 4L adrift in 3rd Elbow and continued to fade.
  4 Gay Navarree 10 10-00 R. Hoey T. Cameron 100/1 4 Very prominent 1st where pecked slightly and slightly hampered by the prone Springbok. Disputed 8th BB 1C. 10th at 14th. Left 8th WJ. Good progress to be 2nd BB & CT 2C. Vied for lead VB, 2nd again next two, took narrow lead outright 28th. Clinging to 1L advantage 29th. Headed but still a very close up 3rd at last. 4th, 7L down, Elbow and continued to fade. 
  5 Fredith's Son 11 10-11 P. Murphy F. Shortt 66/1 10 Away well & led before 1st, 10L clear by BB 1C. Advantage reduced to 2L CT 1C. Headed next (VB) then raced in 2nd through WJ. Disputed lead early 2C and led again before 17th. Slight mistake 21st but 6L to the good BB 2C. 4L ahead when bad mistake CT 2C and joined briefly VB. Led once more over next two but finally headed just before 28th as began to tire and not helped by a mistake there. Weakened to be 5th at 29th, where slight blunder, and beaten by last.
  6 Dark Venetian 7 10-00 B. Bassett P. Cowley 100/1 6 Mid-division. Disputed 17th at 14th where bad mistake. Left 14th WJ. 11th BB & CT 2C, 9th at 28th. Plugged on dourly into 6th. Never nearer.
61 7 Nicolaus Silver 10 10-10 F. Rimell B. Beasley 100/9 8 Towards rear 1st. Rear of mid-division BB 1C. Midfield CT 1C. 14th at 14th. Left 10th WJ, chasing leaders. 8th next (17th) and further progress to be 4th BB & CT 2C. 3rd from 26th until weakened after 28th. Under pressure in 6th at 29th. Continued to fade and eased last 150yds.
59 60 8 Cannobie Lee 11 10-01 F. Nicholson E. Harty 40/1   Mid to rear 1st. Rear of mid-division BB 1C. 26th at 14th. Similar position WJ. A mid-division 15th (of 21) BB & CT 2C. Modest late progress.
61 9 Ernest 10 10-00 B. Renton A. Dufton 66/1   Left 2nd at 1st but soon raced in mid-division. Disputed 23rd at 14th and similar position WJ. A rear of midfield 17th BB & CT 2C. Modest late progress.
60 61 10 Clover Bud 12 10-04 G. Llewellin D. Nicholson 100/1   Fore of mid-division 1st & BB 1C. Had declined to 28th by 14th and towards rear WJ. A rear of mid-division 19th BB 2C, 18th CT. Stuck on to minor effect.
  11 Blonde Warrior 10 10-06 G. Fleming T. Biddlecombe 66/1   Mid to rear 1st. Rear of mid-division BB 1C. 27th at 14th and towards rear WJ. A last but one 20th BB & CT 2C. Plugged on to minor effect.
  12 Solfen 10 11-02 W.O'Grady T. Taaffe 9/1   Mid-division. Disputed 11th at 14th. Left 9th WJ. 7th at 17th. Chasing leaders in 6th when very bad mistake BB 2C & basically lost all chance. 10th CT. Slowly faded further.
60 61 13 Merryman 11 11-08 Cpt N. Crump D. Dick 20/1   Mid-division. 21st at 14th. Left in dispute of 19th WJ. 14th BB & CT 2C. Never a factor.
58 14 Colledge Master 12 10-13 L. Morgan L. Morgan 33/1   Mid-division. Disputed 23rd at 14th and further towards rear WJ. 21st and last BB & CT 2C. Lumbered on to pass a few beaten horses.
  15 Fortron 9 10-00 J. Pickering R. Langley 100/1   Fore of mid-division 1st, midfield BB 1C, disputed 17th at 14th and left 14th again WJ. 13th BB & CT 2C. Slowly faded thereafter.
  16 Politics 10 10-00 B. Bassett D. Bassett 100/1   Generally raced in mid-division. 20th at 14th. Left 21st WJ. Headway to be a fore of midfield 9th BB & CT 2C. Faded thereafter.
60 17 Clear Profit 12 10-00 R. Newton Tim Ryan 66/1   Progressed from mid-division to chase leaders in 7th CT 1C. 5th at 12th, 9th at 14th and left 12th WJ. Rallied somewhat to be pursuing frontrunners in 8th BB 2C and 7th again CT. Jockey waved to his auntie in the stands next (VB). 8th once more 28th. Weakened badly thereafter.
61 P Vivant 9 10-00 W. Stephenson R. Hamey 100/6 29TH Chased leaders 1st. Disputed 11th BB 1C. Vied for 15th at 14th. Left 18th WJ. Headway early 2C. Hampered 21st but in a fore of mid-division 10th BB 2C, 8th CT, 7th at 28th. Weakened quickly and towards rear when PU before 29th.
  F Superfine 9 10-06 F. Cundell Sir W. Pigott-Brown 100/6 26TH Fore of mid-division 1st, 6th BB 1C. Had dropped into a dispute of 15th at 14th. Left 16th WJ. Midfield in 12th BB & CT 2C. Similar position when fell 26th.
61 P Taxidermist 10 10-10 F. Walwyn J. Lawrence 20/1 26TH Very prominent 1st. 5th BB 1C where pecked slightly. Same position CT 1C. 7th at 14th. Lost place and left 13th WJ. A mid-division 16th BB 2C. No change CT but becoming increasingly detached from leaders and PU before 26th.
  P Chavara 9 10-07 G. Owen M. Scudamore 50/1 26TH Away well & very prominent 1st. 3rd BB 1C, 4th CT 1C & 14th. Bad mistake next (Chair) but left 3rd again WJ. Faded badly early 2C and a rear of mid-division 18th BB 2C, 19th CT. Similar position and very tired when PU before 26th.
  P Clipador 11 10-04 A. Thomas P. Farrell 66/1 22ND (BB) Chased leaders1st but soon faded to be rear of mid-division by BB 1C. 25th at 14th and towards rear WJ. Still so when PU BB 2C.
  F Carroroe 10 10-00 P. O'Brien W. McLernon 66/1 21ST Chased leaders 1st. Mid-division BB 1C. 22nd at 14th. Left in dispute of 19th WJ. 10th when fell 21st.
  U Kerforo 8 10-03 T. Dreaper P. Taaffe 100/9 20TH Mid-division. Headway to be 8th at 14th. Left 7th WJ. Advanced into 3rd early 2C and left 2nd, going well, at 19th. Mistake & UR next.
  P Melilla 8 10-00 J. Bowie G. Cramp 100/1 20TH Rear of mid-division 1st. 31st and last BB 1C. Well towards rear 14th & WJ. Tired and well tailed off, last but one, when PU immediately after 20th.
  P Seas End 10 10-05 J. Kempton J. Kempton 100/1 20TH Always towards rear, well so 14th & WJ. Tailed off when UR 19th. Remounted, completely tailed off last and PU immediately after 20th.
  U Duplicator 9 10-02 G. Fairbairn G. Milburn 28/1 19TH (OD) Prominent 1st. 2nd BB & CT 1C. Took lead next (VB). Ahead by 1L at 14th & WJ. Joined going onto 2C and headed before 17th. Mistake 18th. A 4L 2nd when blundered & UR next.
60 61 F Team Spirit 10 10-06 D. Moore W. Robinson 22/1 19TH (OD) Mid to rear 1st. Midfield BB 1C. Good progress CS 1C and disputed 5th at 14th. Left 6th WJ. 4th next (17th). Had just been left 3rd & short of room when fell 19th.
  B Frenchman's Cove 7 11-05 T. Jones S. Mellor 7/1F 19TH (OD) Chased leaders, 7th BB 1C. Disputed 11th at 14th, 7th again next (Chair), left 5th WJ. 6th at 17th. Had just been left 4th when BD by Team Spirit 19th.
  U Dandy Tim 9 10-00 J. Fawcus R. Carter 50/1 16TH (WJ) Not jump well. Mid-division 1st, mistake 3rd, 4th BB 1C, 3rd CT 1C. Error 13th but still 3rd at 14th. Same position when dropped hind legs into water & UR WJ.
61 F Siracusa 9 10-00 B. Renton J. Gifford 33/1 11TH (OD) Midfield. Disputed 8th BB 1C. Slow jump next (7th). Fore of mid-division when hampered & fell 11th.
  F Springbok(2) 8 10-06 Cpt N. Crump P. Buckley 100/8 1ST In 2nd, going too fast, overjumped & fell 1st.



The official going for the 1962 Grand National was Heavy and sources variously describe it as 'exceptionally so', 'atrocious' and 'a quagmire' but, quite frankly, I think that is nonsense! Crystal clear colour visual evidence does not indicate a morass or show mud-splattered jockeys and Kilmore's winning time was 11.20 seconds faster than that of Mr What in 1958 when it WAS Heavy. It was also merely 13 seconds outside Oxo's 1959 Good ground time. Furthermore, a higher rate of casualties might be expected, even given 1961's changes, because Heavy ground is the hardest to jump out of yet all but three got over the Water Jump. I am generally reluctant to alter the going too much in my race facts headings but I think it was actually Soft and the time probably average or worse for that ground and weight carried. There was certainly a fair bit of ease, which Nicolaus Silver and Merryman didn't appreciate, and conditions favoured stamina over speed (especially compared to 1961). The field/finishers had little quality in depth, the pace may have collapsed a bit and for the first time ever the first three home were all 12-y-o's.

Kilmore was the recipient of a great ride from Fred Winter, gaining his second National success as a jockey, who employed his customary inside route and made much less use of his mount than he had the previous year. Kilmore came into the 1962 renewal out of form (and never won again) having had a disrupted campaign. Captain Ryan Price, who became a controversial figure often accused of laying one out for a big handicap(!), was initially renowned as a great trainer of hurdlers and was five times Champion Trainer before concentrating on the Flat from 1970. The game Wyndburgh was runner-up for the third time and honourably retired.

Strictly at the weights in the 1962 Grand National Kilmore emerged 5 (pounds/lengths) better than Wyndburgh, 15 ahead of Mr What, 27 in advance of Fredith's Son, 28 too good for Gay Navarree, 42 better than Nicolaus Silver and 44 ahead of Dark Venetian. Nicolaus Silver (-43 in 1961) was way below that rating on completely different ground. There is loads of collateral form involving the first three. Although Mr What (-21, 1958, H; -42, 1959, G) liked a return to softer ground he never won another chase following his great performance in 1958 so it's fair to say he'd gone well past his best. Wyndburgh (-52, 1957, G-S; -77, 1958, H; -42, 1959, G; -46, 1961, F) may have been better able to cope with cut than in the past as his stamina usurped his speed but he had seemed past his best in 1961 and was likely no better this year (Soft may have played to his current strengths more than Firm but his best performance in the National had come on Good). Kilmore came out 3 better than Wyndburgh in 1961 and Soft would have also played more to his strengths plus he was given a more judicious ride this year. Therefore, granting Kilmore 2 for ease of victory I will award him -41 in 1962, Wyndburgh -48, Mr What receives -58, Fredith's Son, granted 3 for numerous mistakes, gets -67, Gay Navarree -71, Nicolaus Silver, granted 4 for being eased, -81 and Dark Venetian, granted 1 for a bad mistake at the 14th, -86.











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