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Sa 29 Mar 1947 (3.20) 4m 4f Heavy 10.03.80 57 £10,007 J. McDowell

  1 Caughoo 8 10-00 H. McDowell E. Dempsey 100/1   Enjoyed an uninterrupted preparation. Pecked first 3 and in mid-division, left in dispute of 20th BB 1C. Good headway to be 10th CT 1C, vied for 8th at 12th. Disputed 7th (of 36) WJ. Continued progress early 2C, left/jumped into 3rd at 19th, 10+L down. 2nd BB 2C. Same position and had reduced deficit to about 6L by VB but 10L down again 27th. However, only 3L adrift 28th and took lead soon after ABC. 6L ahead 29th and a 10L advantage last where mistake. Nevertheless, went 20L clear not long after Elbow. Very easily. Finished fresh.
46 2 Lough Conn 11 10-01 F. Boland D. McCann 33/1 20 Away best & 2L lead 1st. Maintained a 2 or 3L advantage through WJ. Joined briefly 17th but 10+L clear by 19th where slight mistake. Same story BB 2C. Lead reduced to about 8L CT where shadowed by four loose horses. 6L to the good VB & 26th and circa 10L clear again 27th. Began to tire and merely 3L in front 28th where quite bad mistake. Headed soon after ABC and 6L down 29th. Deficit extended to 10L last and 20L not long after Elbow but kept on gamely. No chance with winner. 
46 3 Kami 10 10-13 T. Masson J. Hislop 33/1 4 Held up in mid-division, left 25th BB 1C, 26th WJ. Went rather wide at bend going out onto 2C. Left in dispute of a midfield 10th BB and left 8th CT. 6th at 28th, 4th at last. Kept on into 3rd. Never nearer.
46 4 Prince Regent 12 12-07 T. Dreaper T. Hyde 8/1F 6 Away well & very prominent 1st. Bad mistake 3rd, 7th BB 1C. Disputed 10th CT 1C, left 7th again next (VB), left 10th once more 12th. Hampered by loose horse Chair, 11th WJ (in fore of mid-division). Had just been left 7th at 19th when mistake & jockey forced to cling on round horse's neck for dear life for a couple of strides. Soon recovered and left 8th BB 2C. Left vying for 4th CT 2C, took 4th outright 27th. Same position next. 5th at last but regained 4th run in.
  5 Some Chicken 10 10-02 J. Roberts B. Turnell 40/1 2 Prominent when bad mistake 1st, left a fore of mid-division 15th BB 1C. 18th CT 1C, left in dispute of 14th next (VB), left 16th at 12th, 15th again WJ (still fore of midfield). Good headway early 2C: left 11th at 19th, 7th BB. Left vying for 4th CT. Took 3rd at 27th and same position, circa 13L behind leader, at 28th where mistake. Retained 3rd at last. Weakened run in.
46 6 Housewarmer 10 10-06 F. Walwyn B. O'Ryan 25/1 15 Rear of mid-division, left in dispute of 32nd BB 1C. Very steady progress: 29th CT 1C, left 26th at 12th, vied for a midfield 22nd WJ, left 10th CT 2C, 7th at 28th where jumped left. Kept on into 6th. Never nearer.
  7 Refugio 9 11-00 Maj S. Sweet-Escott F. Adams 100/1   Fore of mid-division over first 3 but soon settled plum in midfield, left 24th BB 1C. 20th WJ. Steady, modest progress 2C: left 16th at 19th, left in dispute of 10th BB and left 7th CT. Had dropped to 8th by 28th but plugged on to regain 7th.
  8 Kilnaglory 12 11-01 F. Walwyn B. Marshall 40/1   Chased leaders 1st and until became very prominent, disputed 2nd BB 1C. 4th CT 1C, 3rd next (VB), vied for 2nd again 12th, 3rd once more WJ. Jumped left 17th and left only 6th at 19th. Rallied to be 5th BB 2C and 3rd CT. Same position when pecked & stumbled VB. Lost 3rd at 27th and had dropped to 5th by 28th. Continued to weaken.
  9 Clyduffe 12 10-00 J. Wight M. Hogan 50/1   Mid-division, left 29th BB 1C, 21st WJ. Similar story 2C, left 12th CT and left 9th at 28th where miraculously avoided trouble. Plugged on.
46 10 Schubert 13 10-11 C. Beechener C. Beechener 66/1   Prominent, left in dispute of 10th BB 1C. Dropped into mid-division and 17th CT 1C. Left vying for 14th next (VB) and left in a share of 17th again 12th. Disputed 24th WJ. Continued to lose ground (but gain positions in an attritional race) and left 17th once more CT 2C. Left 10th at 28th. Laboured on to finish tailed off.
  11 Leap Man 10 11-00 G. Johnson Houghton F. Rimell 50/1   Mid-division, left 19th BB 1C. 22nd CT 1C, left 19th again 12th, disputed 22nd once more WJ. Left 18th CT 2C and left vying for 11th at 28th despite becoming increasingly remote. Laboured on to finish tailed off.
  12 Brighter Sandy 9 10-07 C. Hall Cpt J. Eustace-Smith 66/1   Away well & prominent 1st. Left in dispute of 10th BB 1C. 13th CT 1C, 12th WJ. Went rather wide at bend going out onto 2C. Nevertheless, left 9th at 19th. Began to gradually fade, left vying for 14th CT and left in dispute of 11th at 28th. Laboured on to finish tailed off.
  13 Rearmament 10 11-01 G. Beeby G. Kelly 33/1   Away well & prominent 1st. Left a fore of mid-division 13th BB 1C. Disputed 10th CT 1C. Fairly bad mistake 11th, lost momentum, left 20th at 12th. 17th WJ and left in same position next (17th). Left 16th CT 2C and (due to attritional nature of race) left in share of 11th at 28th. Laboured on to finish tailed off.
  14 Toyette 10 10-06 G. Owen Maj R. Waugh Harris 100/1   Rear of mid-division, left 39th BB 1C. Left 40th CT 1C where took wide approach. Well towards rear when left 32nd at 12th. 33rd WJ. Tailed off by CT 2C, well so by 27th. Stayed on a tad to finish 14th but still well tailed off.
  15 Martin M 7 10-00 A. Kilpatrick Maj W. Skrine 66/1   Rider stuck to outer throughout. Mid-division, left in dispute of 30th BB 1C. 32nd CT 1C. Left vying for 36th next (VB) and left 27th at 12th. A rear of midfield 29th WJ. Tailed off by CT 2C, well so by 27th, left 14th at 28th. Plodded on to finish well tailed off.
  16 Jubilee Flight 12 10-00 W. Bampton E. Hannigan 100/1   Towards rear when hampered by fallers 1st. Left 48th & last but one BB 1C, last of main group. Left 46th CT 1C and left 45th next (VB). Well towards rear when left in dispute of 35th at 12th. Vied for 31st WJ. Tailed off by CT 2C, well so by 27th. Lumbered on to finish well tailed off.
  17R Rowland Roy 8 10-03 F. Walwyn D. Black 66/1   Mid-division, left 18th BB 1C. 16th CT 1C, 14th WJ and left 10th at 19th. Disputing 7th when slithering fall BB 2C. Remounted, completely tailed off. Rallied to get amongst well tailed off group 27th. Subsequently faded due to this effort and probably eased. Completely tailed off.
  18R Handy Lad 12 10-00   Cpt W. Williams 100/1   Rear of mid-division, left 35th BB 1C where jockey waved to his auntie in the stands. 37th CT 1C where rider summoned taxi. Awkward leap VB 1C. Had just been left 33rd and well towards rear when badly hampered by the unseat of Border Bob at the 12th. 35th again & last but one WJ, last of main group. Tailed off by CT 2C. Fell somewhere along CS 2C. Remounted, completely tailed off in last and finished that way.
46 R Tulyra 11 10-00 Maj B. Powell Prof D. Jackson 100/1 28TH Prominent. 8th BB 1C, 7th CT 1C, left 6th next (VB), disputed 5th at 12th & WJ. Left 5th again at 19th where slow jump. 6th BB & CT 2C. Had faded to 9th when refused & ran down fence to left 28th.
  R Gormanstown 7 10-09 C. Nicholson T. Molony 40/1 28TH Mid-division, left 22nd BB 1C. 25th CT 1C. Left 23rd at both VB & 12th, 19th WJ. Continued in midfield 2C, left 9th CT and had just been left 9th again when Tulyra sauntered across his path & caused him to refuse 28th.
46 U Silver Fame 8 10-12 G. Beeby Cpt B. Petre 33/1 28TH Away well & very prominent 1st. Left 9th BB 1C. 8th CT 1C where mistake. Left in dispute of 12th at 12th where further mistake. A fore of mid-division 13th WJ. Left 14th at 19th and left 13th again BB 2C. Left 11th CT 2C where another error. Had just been left 9th once more when badly hampered by Tulyra & UR 28th.
46 F Jack Finlay 8 10-08 L. Elwell W. Kidney 33/1 28TH Held up in mid-division 1st. Towards fore of same when left 16th BB 1C. Disputed 14th CT 1C and left vying for 10th next (VB). Left 11th at 12th. Headway to become prominent and shared 7th WJ where slight mistake. Dropped back early 2C, left in dispute of 12th at 19th. Midfield BB and left disputing 14th again CT. Had just been left 11th once more when distracted by chaos ahead at 28th, lost momentum & fell, horse & jockey winding up separately in landing side ditch.
  R Double Sam 12 10-00 S. Clark H. Haley 100/1 27TH (OD) Mid-division, left in dispute of 30th BB 1C where slightly hampered by a loose horse. Left 29th VB 1C and left 28th at 12th. Still in midfield, vying for 24th WJ. Becoming tailed off by CT 2C where left 19th. Had faded quite rapidly to be well tailed off when intended to refuse 27th but due to jockey's urgings landed in middle of fence at a point where it had been badly damaged and was at its lowest, taking revenge on Haley by decanting him in the process, before struggling through to the landing side.
  F Soda 6 10-02 J. Goldsmith F. Gurney 50/1 26TH Towards rear 1st. Left in a rear of mid-division 38th BB 1C. 36th CT 1C, left in dispute of 32nd next (VB) and left 30th at 12th where mistake. Still rear of midfield in 28th WJ. Little change 2C but in an attritional race left 13th CT. Similar position when fell 26th.
46 F Bricett 10 11-01 C. Hall M.C. Prendergast 22/1 24TH (CT) Away well & prominent 1st. Very handy in a dispute for 4th BB 1C. 5th CT 1C but left 4th again next (VB). Same position 12th. Still prominent WJ where vied for 5th. Left 4th once more at 19th. Same position BB 2C where pecked & stumbled. However, retained 4th and seemingly still going okay when fell heavily CT 2C.
46 B Musical Lad 10 10-04 V. Moore M.J. Prendergast 33/1 24TH (CT) Initially mid-division, left 23rd BB 1C. 19th CT 1C, left in dispute of 14th next (VB) and progressed to be left vying for 8th at 12th. Further good headway to be a 2L 2nd WJ. Shared lead briefly 17th, however, 10+L down in 2nd at 19th. Began to fade, 3rd BB 2C, and 7th when mistake as jumped left trying to cut corner CT 2C then BD from behind by Grecian Victory.
  B Grecian Victory 10 10-00 F. Walwyn P. Lay 100/1 24TH (CT) Chased leaders 1st but had dropped into mid-division when left 17th BB 1C. 20th CT 1C. Left in dispute of 17th again at 12th, 18th WJ. Steady headway 2C: left vying for 12th at 19th, left 9th BB and had just been left 7th when hampered by Musical Lad jumping across his path CT 2C, left with nowhere to go & BD.
  F Good Date 9 10-00 Maj B. Powell J. Dowdeswell 100/1 23RD Rear of mid-division, left in dispute of 32nd BB 1C. 33rd CT 1C, 31st next (VB) and left 29th at 12th. Modest progress to be a midfield 27th WJ. Soon faded 2C and tailed off when fell 23rd.
39 40 46 F MacMoffat 15 10-04 Cpt L. Scott Briggs B. Alder 100/1 22ND (BB) Initially rear of mid-division, left 37th BB 1C. 35th CT 1C, left in dispute of 32nd next (VB). Still rear of midfield in 30th WJ but had dropped towards rear when fell BB 2C.
  F Black Jennifer 7 10-00 G. Hardy J. Sheehan 50/1 22ND (BB) Away well & very prominent 1st. Disputed 2nd at 3rd. Still extremely handy when fell 4th. Remounted, tailed off last. Tried to latch onto the rear of the main group but fell again 10th. Remounted once more, this time well tailed off. Remained whipper-in at WJ and still well tailed off when fell for the third time BB 2C.
46 P Yung-Yat 11 10-01 J.A. Farrell J. Brogan 100/1 21ST Soon towards rear, left 46th (of 49) BB 1C. Left 43rd CT 1C, left 38th next (VB) and left 34th at 12th, by now well towards rear. Same story in dispute of 31st WJ and becoming tailed off when PU 21st.
  P Domino(2) 7 10-00 F. Hartigan D.J. Morgan 28/1 20TH Away well & prominent 1st. More so in dispute of 4th BB 1C. 2nd or vying for 2nd from CT 1C to beyond the 12th but had dropped back to 9th by WJ. Left 8th at 19th, however, jumped fence awkwardly, went (temporarily) lame & eased into mid-division. PU immediately after 20th.
  U Klaxton 7 10-05 J. Anthony Jack Maguire 66/1 19TH (OD) Mid-division 1st. Left in dispute of 20th BB 1C, left vying for 14th VB 1C and left 7th at 12th. Bad mistake 13th but continued progress to be 4th WJ. 3rd, circa 15+L off of leader, when another bad blunder & UR 19th.
  U Bomber Command 8 10-00 M. Feakes A. Jarvis 100/1 19TH (OD) Initially mid-division, left 26th BB 1C. Left in dispute of 24th VB 1C. Good headway CS and left vying for 12th at 12th, 10th WJ. 8th at 17th and had just been left 7th, travelling well, when reins broke jumping 19th & UR.
  U Oh Joe 7 10-00 H. Geering T. Vinall 100/1 19TH (OD) Prominent. Left in dispute of 10th BB 1C where pecked then hampered by the unseating Luan Casca. Vied for 14th CT 1C but left contesting 10th again next (VB). Left 15th at 12th. A mid-division 16th WJ. Still in midfield when hampered & UR 19th.
  P Tribune 13 10-00 T. Masson K. Gilsenan 100/1 19TH (OD) Towards rear 1st and when left 47th BB 1C. Left 45th CT 1C and, despite bad mistake 11th, left 37th at 12th. Well towards rear in 34th WJ where slight mistake. In similar place when PU 19th.
46 F Gyppo 13 10-00 J. Cousins J. Cousins 100/1 15TH (CHAIR) Mid-division 1st. Had dropped towards rear when left 42nd BB 1C. Left 39th CT 1C. Well towards rear when left in dispute of 35th at 12th. Tailed off when fell Chair.
  U First Of The Dandies 10 10-03 Gerry Wilson J. Moloney 66/1 14TH Away well & very prominent 1st. Handy in 6th BB 1C, same position CT 1C. Left 5th next (VB) and disputed that position at 12th, after which switched from inner. Towards outer and vying for 2nd when bad mistake & UR 14th.
  P Linthill 11 10-00 W. Lyde P. Taylor 100/1 14TH Rear of mid-division when overjumped & nearly down 1st. Further towards rear when left 41st BB 1C where slight mistake. Left 42nd VB 1C and in similar position when hampered by loose horse in ditch upon take off at 11th & barely negotiated fence, making a very bad mistake & briefly coming to a halt. Left 38th & last but one, last of main group, next. Tailed off when broke down & PU immediately after 14th. Dead. 
  U Parthenon 8 10-00 R. Hobbs P. Murray 40/1 12TH Fore of mid-division, left 14th BB 1C. Had advanced to 9th by CT 1C. 7th when mistake & UR 12th.
  U Sheila's Cottage 8 10-01 Cpt N. Crump A. Thompson 40/1 12TH Mid-division, left 28th BB 1C. Same position CT 1C. Left 26th next (VB). Had just been left in dispute of 21st when bad mistake & UR 12th.
  R Granitza 8 10-00 M. Scott N. Dixon 100/1 12TH Mid-division 1st. Left 27th BB 1C. 30th CT 1C where mistake. Similar position when very bad mistake 11th & momentarily came to standstill. Had just been left 32nd when refused 12th.
  U Border Bob 9 10-00 G. Owen J. Neely 100/1 12TH Towards rear. Left 45th BB 1C. Left in dispute of 39th VB 1C. Had just been left 33rd, well towards rear, when very bad mistake & UR 12th.
40 46 U Bogskar 14 10-04 Lord Stalbridge R. Burford jnr 100/1 11TH (OD) Towards rear 1st. Left a rear of mid-division 40th BB 1C. Left in dispute of 36th VB 1C. In similar position when hampered by loose horse in ditch upon take off at the 11th and landed on top of the fence before being nudged over it by another loose horse, UR in the process.
  R Brick Bat 8 10-00 T. Dreaper E. Newman 66/1 11TH (OD) Towards rear, left 43rd BB 1C. Left in dispute of 39th VB 1C. In similar position when caused to refuse by loose horse in ditch 11th.
  R Halcyon Hours 7 11-02 M. Arnott M. Gordon 50/1 11TH (OD) Towards rear when left 44th BB 1C where very bad blunder & almost down. Left last but one, last of main group, at both CT & VB 1C. Same position when caused to refuse by loose horse in the ditch at the 11th, winding up next to it though still adorned by jockey.
  F Ocultor 12 11-00 G. Owen D. Owen 100/1 10TH Rear of mid-division, left in dispute of 32nd BB 1C. Ditto VB 1C where rider waved to his auntie in the stands. Similar position when fell 10th.
  U Prattler 12 10-00 T. Yates P. Conlon 50/1 9TH (VB) Away well. Disputed 2nd BB 1C. 3rd CT 1C. 4th when mistake & jockey flew off over horse's head VB 1C.
  F Shanakill 9 10-00 W. Smallwood B. Denson 100/1 8TH (CT) Rear of mid-division, left 36th BB 1C. 38th when ran down fence to the left & took a right purler, turning a somersault, CT 1C.
  U Luan Casca 7 10-07 N. Smyth A. Brabazon 22/1 6TH (BB) Soon prominent. 9th when very bad mistake, nearly fell, and UR BB 1C.
  P Day Dreams 8 10-00 V. Moore M. Browne 100/1 6TH (BB) Towards rear 1st. Similar place when stirrup leather broke, eased down & PU before BB 1C.
  P Wicklow Wolf 7 10-00 H. Kitching M.J. Hogan 100/1 4TH Towards rear when made an awkward shape & jumped slowly 1st. Last when repeated trick 3rd and when PU immediately after 4th.
  U Bullington 11 10-06 G. Owen J. Bissill 66/1 3RD (OD) Fore of mid-division until mistake, landed with a jolt & UR 3rd.
  U Michael's Pearl 8 10-00 C. Kelly E. Reavey 100/1 3RD (OD) Mid-division until mistake & UR 3rd.
  RO Patrickswell 9 10-00   P. Cahalin 100/1 3RD (OD) Towards rear 1st and still so when ran out approaching 3rd.
  F Revelry 7 10-12 R. O'Connell D. Moore 100/6 1ST Mid-division, fell 1st.
46 F EP 12 10-05 G. Beeby M. Molony 100/1 1ST Mid-division, fell 1st.



At the request of Clement Atlee, who was trying to develop productivity to get the country back on its feet after the war with no midweek sports distraction, the Grand National was switched permanently to Saturday. Another huge crowd, along with the stewards and observers from the press who managed to record three horses finishing who exited on the first circuit, could see little of an incident packed renewal because it was shrouded in mist. It had been the severest of winters, a big freeze thawed into floods and 67 days racing was lost. The lack of opportunity to train, run and generally test the merits of horses was a major reason for what will forever remain the second largest number of starters. In a well-run race the big field produced the third 100/1 winner, though it might be wondered how Caughoo was allowed to start at such a price. Although having his first outing in Britain Caughoo had been triumphant in the 1945 and 1946 Ulster Nationals (3 1/2m). Probably unbeknownst to most people he was one of the few fully fit horses to line up because trainer Herbert McDowell, older brother of the owner and a vet, had been able to gallop Caughoo on Portmarnock beach. He never fell in his career and once he had acclimatised to the Aintree fences he began to make good progress, gaining ten places between Becher's and the Canal Turn on the first circuit alone. Meanwhile, his fellow Irish entrant Lough Conn set the pace (as he had largely done in 1946 before falling at the 19th) under Daniel McCann. Ultimately, however, the frontrunner became a bit tired and a sitting duck for Caughoo, likely due to an injudicious ride by McCann. Firstly, having been joined by Musical Lad at the 17th Lough Conn spurted over ten lengths clear by the 19th while the former remained roughly the same distance ahead of the third and, secondly, the horse who was not so exhausted that he couldn't eventually finish runner-up increased a six length advantage at second Valentine's to ten by the 27th. Perhaps because he couldn't live with the knowledge he may have erred, McCann some years later initiated fisticuffs and legal action against Caughoo's rider, Aintree debutant Eddie Dempsey, alleging that the successful partnership missed out a circuit in the mist, hiding by the 12th/28th! Visual evidence proves otherwise. It's doubtful that anything could have lived with Caughoo, who would survive until the age of 25, on the day but possibly unfortunate were Rowland Roy, going well in seventh when falling at second Becher's and who won the Scottish Grand National on his next outing, Bomber Command whose reins broke at the 19th, Bricett, fourth when capsizing at the second Canal Turn and hitherto unbeaten in all completed steeplechases, and the grey Grecian Victory, brought down at the same place on just his second run since a long lay-off.

Apart from the mist it was also a very wet Saturday, at one time pre-race there were fears that fences would have to be omitted due to flooding, and the rain must have helped to loosen up the boggy ground enabling the runners to get through it because the winning time, even considering the low weight carried by Caughoo and the decent pace, was good for Heavy going. In fact, Caughoo's performance was reminiscent of that by the great Troytown (1920, -7), the penultimate previous year in which the going had been Heavy (and, incidentally, also the second renewal after a world war). Caughoo's effort was a lot more worthy than it has often been given credit for, perhaps overshadowed by the mist, his price and the unfounded accusation that he cheated. However, we cannot do a time comparison because, as previously mentioned, it is hard to juxtapose different types of Heavy (and the fences were easier in 1947 than in 1920). We can though bear in mind a figure of -30 because Caughoo carried 23lb less than Troytown. Fortunately there is collateral form, strictly at the weights in the 1947 Grand National Prince Regent emerged 5 (pounds/lengths) superior to Caughoo, 16 better than Kami, 24 ahead of Lough Conn, 35 in advance of Some Chicken and 46 too good for Housewarmer. Albeit that the ground was Good in 1946, Prince Regent and Housewarmer ran fairly similar races to those they had a year earlier when the strict difference between them was 39. Generally speaking, therefore, it is hard to say that the older horse of the pair, the 12-y-o Prince Regent, winner of his two races in 1946/47, had deteriorated any further (than he had from his peak years to 1946). Thus I will award him the same raw mark of -16 and Housewarmer -62. As in 1946 Prince Regent's passage in the race was a troubled one, apart from being hampered he seemed to have developed an aversion to the Aintree ditches (though he appeared to stay this year, on more testing ground), so I will again allow him 5 for a final rating of -11 (his second identical rating means I do not need to update my Scroll Of Merit in this discussion). Kami is granted 1 upon his raw mark of -32 (went wide at bend) for a final rating of -31. Lough Conn receives 2 (bad mistake at the 28th) for -38, Some Chicken 3 (mistakes) for -48 and Housewarmer had no excuses so remains on -62 (7 worse than last year). And what of Caughoo? His raw rating of -21 is also his final rating, therefore, he just misses out on the Scroll. I was tempted to allow him 8, largely because he won so easily (and was previously unexposed at the trip), however, the nature of the going is likely to have exaggerated distances especially off his low weight, bearing in mind the figure of -30 above I sense -13 seems too high (and he may have benefitted from a degree of general athletic improvement since 1920) and, crucially, he likely had a fitness advantage over the rest of the finishers (you could say the other rated horses have been allowed the best part of half a stone because of their presumed relative lack of fitness). It so happens that -21 more or less splits the difference between -13 and -30 which seems fair. Caughoo's performance was pretty impressive nonetheless, you'd think he'd just joined in!             











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