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Fr 5 Apr 1946 (3.18) 4m 4f Good 9.38.20 34 £8,805 J. Morant

  1 Lovely Cottage 9 10-08 T. Rayson Cpt B. Petre 25/1   Held up and generally in mid-division 1C, chased leaders in a dispute for 11th (of 21) WJ. 10th next (17th). Headway to be left in dispute of 5th at 19th, 4th CT where slight mistake. Same position VB. Took 2nd shortly after ABC, 10L down at 29th. Only 2L behind at last, led before Elbow & ran on well.
  2 Jack Finlay 7 10-02 L. Elwell W. Kidney 100/1 4 Held up in mid-division, 12th CT 1C. Chased leaders in 9th WJ. Same position next (17th). Headway to be left in dispute of 5th at 19th. Still 5th CT & VB 2C. Further steady progress to be circa 7L down in 3rd at last where pecked. Took 2nd not long after Elbow & ran on well. Never nearer.
  3 Prince Regent 11 12-05 T. Dreaper T. Hyde 3/1F 3 Away well & always prominent, 6th CT 1C and 5th VB 1C, despite niggling errors. Progress to be 2nd, 4L down, WJ. 3rd at 17th where bad mistake & jockey waved to auntie. Nevertheless, left in dispute of lead 19th. Soon headed, 2nd at 23rd & CT 2C where another awkward leap and 2L down. Closed gap to 1L next (VB 2C). Finally took outright lead between 26th and 27th, possibly lit up by loose horses and 4L ahead 28th. Extended advantage to 10L by 29th after which jockey increasingly looking behind and only 2L to the good at last. Headed before Elbow and lost 2nd not long after it. Continued to weaken.
  4 Housewarmer 9 10-02 C. Rogers A. Brabazon 100/1 8 Mid-division 1st but more prominent from BB 1C and vied for 3rd WJ. 2nd, 6L behind, next (17th). Left in dispute of lead 19th but headed before 20th and 3rd CT, again circa 6L down and with a veritable posse of loose horses between himself and front pair. Same position VB and unable to make any impression on leaders along the CS. 4th at last, circa 15L off frontrunner. Kept on same pace.
  5 Schubert 12 11-00 C. Beechener C. Beechener 100/7 1 1/2 Prominent for bulk of 1C, disputed 2nd VB, 6th at 12th. Chased leaders in 7th WJ. Continued mid-race decline, 11th at 17th. However, left 9th at 19th and back up to 6th CT. 7th next (VB 2C) and unable to make any impression on leaders along the CS. Took 5th at last. Kept on same pace.
  6 Limestone Edward 12 10-02 C. Nicholson D. Doyle 13/2   Away well & always prominent, disputed 3rd WJ. 5th next (17th), left 3rd at 19th and led 20th. Narrow advantage CT where bad mistake & jockey briefly round horse's neck. Nevertheless, still 1L ahead VB. Joined next (26th), came under pressure & soon headed. Slightly hampered by a loose horse approaching 28th where 4L down. Began to weaken and dropped to 3rd shortly after ABC. 5th again when bad mistake 30th, nearly UR & dropped to 6th and last. Faded further.
  F Suzerain 8 10-03 W. Payne G. Archibald 33/1 29TH Mid-division. Disputed 16th VB 1C, 15th WJ, 13th at 17th and left 11th at 19th. A last but one 8th CT 2C. Well beaten when fell 29th (lay winded).
  P Musical Lad 9 10-00 W. Newton M. Browne 100/1 29TH Rear of mid-division 1st. Last but one BB 1C where nearly fell, last but two CT 1C. Continued modest progress, a midfield 14th WJ. Same position next (17th), left 12th at 19th. 7th CT 2C and 6th next (VB). Soon began to fade and well tailed off last when PU 29th.
  F Gyppo 12 10-00 B. Renton J. Cousins 40/1 25TH (VB) Away well & led 1st. Remained very prominent until beyond 4th but had dropped into midfield, in dispute of 16th, VB 1C. Continued to backtrack and towards rear Chair. A rear of mid-division 19th WJ and same position next (17th). Left 13th at 19th. 9th & last, becoming tailed off, CT 2C. Fell VB 2C.
  P Red Rower 12 11-07 Lord Stalbridge G. Kelly 22/1 24TH (CT) Mid-division, 12th VB 1C. Rear of same in 18th WJ. 17th at 17th and had just been left 16th when bad mistake at 19th, nearly UR and came to a complete standstill. Tailed off 10th & last when PU CT 2C.
  F Bricett 9 10-02 C. Hall J. Brogan 28/1 23RD Away well. Chased leaders in 9th CT 1C. 13th VB 1C, 10th WJ. Brief headway to dispute 6th at 17th. Left 8th at 19th. Still pursuing frontrunners when fell 23rd.
39 40 F MacMoffat 14 10-08 Cpt L. Scott Briggs B. Alder 50/1 23RD Away well, settled in fore of mid-division. 11th CT & VB 1C. Chased leaders in 8th WJ. Vied for 6th at 17th and left in dispute of 5th at 19th. Had dropped back into midfield when fell 23rd.
  U Tulyra 10 10-00 Maj B. Powell Prof D. Jackson 100/1 22ND (BB) Mid-division, 14th VB 1C. Good progress to dispute 5th WJ. Vied for 6th next (17th). Left 4th at 19th. Same position when mistake, pecked badly & threw jockey over his head BB 2C.
  F Newark Hill 12 10-01 A. Kilpatrick P. Lay 50/1 22ND (BB) Chased leaders, 8th VB 1C, disputed 11th WJ. 12th at 17th and left 10th at 19th. Had just been left 9th when landed too steeply & fell BB 2C.
  F Largo 7 10-13 Cpt J. Storrie J. Cooke 66/1 22ND (BB) Initially towards rear. A rear of midfield 17th WJ. Soon among backmarkers again, 18th at 17th and left in dispute of 14th at 19th. Last but one and becoming tailed off when fell very heavily BB 2C and lucky did not break neck.
  R EP 11 10-02 W. Larkin M. Molony 50/1 20TH Mid-division 1C, vied for 16th VB and in same position alone WJ. 15h at 17th and left in dispute of 14th (further towards rear) at 19th. Last but two when refused 20th, discarding jockey in the process.
  F Lough Conn 10 10-00 F. Boland D. McCann 33/1 19TH (OD) Away well & very prominent, disputing lead after 1st, until led outright from before BB 1C. Went rather wide CT 1C when several lengths ahead and only 3L to the good VB 1C. A 1L advantage at 12th, however, increased superiority after and 4L in front WJ. Extended lead to 6L at 17th and a similar distance in front when went for a large gap in the 19th & fell over.
  U Silver Fame 7 10-00 G. Beeby D. Ruttle 40/1 19TH (OD) Became prominent, 5th CT 1C. Disputed 2nd next (VB) and vied for 5th WJ. 4th at 17th. Had just been left 3rd when tried to jump large gap in the 19th, hit top of rails, landed with a jolt amongst horses & UR.
  F Vain Knight 13 10-02 J. Wight D. Curran 100/1 19TH (OD) Prominent from 3rd to 10th then dropped into mid-division, 13th WJ. 16th next (17th) and had just been left 12th when went for a large gap in the 19th & fell.
  R King Gesson 10 10-00 A. Kilpatrick R. Burford jnr 100/1 19TH (OD) Soon settled in mid-division, 13th CT 1C. Rear of same in a last but one 20th WJ. Same position 17th. Had just been left 17th but becoming tailed off when refused 19th, horse & rider falling into ditch.
  U Knight's Crest 9 10-03 N. Murless P.J. Murphy 22/1 19TH (OD) Already threatening to become tailed off at 3rd where left last. Rallied briefly to more or less join the second last at 4th and to be last but two BB 1C. Dropped back to last but one CT 1C and WAS tailed off in 21st & last WJ & 17th. Well tailed off when half-hearted leap 19th, landed in middle of large gap & UR.
40 U Bogskar 13 10-09 Lord Stalbridge R. Mathews 66/1 15TH (CHAIR) Initially rear of mid-division. Further towards rear when hampered & UR Chair. (When loose plunged fully into water at WJ.)
  F Kami 9 10-09 W. Payne H. Bonneau 33/1 13TH Soon prominent, 4th VB 1C. Still very handy when fell 13th.
  F Dunshaughlin 8 10-00 C. Rogers B. O'Ryan 12/1 12TH Generally towards rear until blundered, performed a somersault & fell 12th.
  F Double Flush 10 10-00 W. Newton E. Newman 100/1 MID TO LATE CS 1C Always towards rear. Last but one when mistake 1st, same position 4th. Jumped big, climbing fences, and rearmost by BB 1C. Becoming tailed off by CT 1C. Fell 10th-12th.
  F Heirdom 14 10-10 J. Kirwan P. Cahalin 66/1 10TH Spritely start but generally rear of mid-division until fell 10th.
  F Symbole 10 11-11 V. Smyth B. Redmond 33/1 6TH (BB) Away well. Led or disputed lead from 2nd to 5th. In 2nd place when turned a somersault & fell BB 1C. Broke neck. Dead.
  U Alacrity 13 10-00 C. Birch G. Bowden 100/1 6TH (BB) Towards rear until pecked then leapt the prone Symbole BB 1C, causing rider to come off.
  U Jock 8 10-02 Gerry Wilson F. Gurney 50/1 3RD (OD) Towards rear until bad mistake & UR 3rd, demolishing part of the fence and leaving a large gap in it.
  U Historical Revue 8 10-00 C. Brabazon S. Ryan 66/1 3RD (OD) Towards rear until bad mistake & UR 3rd.
  R Closure 9 10-00 J. Norris H. Applin 100/1 3RD (OD) Rearmost when awkward leap & nearly UR 1st. Still last, already tailed off, when refused 3rd.
  F Astrometer 8 10-03 C. Rogers M. Gordon 50/1 1ST Chased leaders, fell 1st.
  F Yung-Yat 10 10-00 J.A. Farrell T. Cullen jnr 100/1 1ST Mid-division, fell 1st.
  F Elsich 10 10-00 C. Edwards B. Balfe 100/1 1ST Mid-division. Jumped Melling Road crossing but forgot to take off at 1st, turned a somersault & fell.



The last troops did not leave Aintree until February 21 and Mrs Topham did well to organise getting the course, complete with its new loudspeaker system, ready in time for the so-called Victory Grand National of 1946. And ready it was for it certainly showed its teeth although, naurally, virtually the entire field had no previous experience of it. Even when the runners attempted to demolish a fence, the 3rd/19th, the gap created merely served to entice horses to their downfall as if they were flies magnetically attracted to a spider's web! All sports benefitted from a surge in attendance following the long, hard years of war and contemporary sources estimated the crowd at 300,000+, a record that will forever stand. The field, almost one-third of which was aged twelve or older, quickly became well strung out with a disproportionate number towards the rear, well off an excellent pace set by Lough Conn. Ultimately the contest favoured horses that were held up. Lovely Cottage received a well judged ride from Bobby Petre who would later, when a trainer, suffer an accident that resulted in him having a leg amputated. It's likely that Prince Regent (by My Prince and the dominant steeplechaser in Ireland during the war) was partly cost victory due to his multiple errors and possibly being lit up by loose horses down the canal side on the second circuit. However, Tim Hyde may have pushed the accelerator too early as his mount's stamina was not guaranteed (his dam was a sprinter).

Lovely Cottage had been third in the 1945 Irish Grand National whereas Prince Regent had won that race in 1942 and twice subsequently finished second when giving away lumps. Here, strictly at the weights, Prince Regent came out 18 (pounds/lengths) superior to Lovely Cottage (despite the blemishes in the former's run), 28 better than Jack Finlay and Schubert, and 39 ahead of Housewarmer. The best time comparison (at 3 lengths per second) is with 1939 when the ground was a very similar shade of Good and the pace very decent but not quite sustained overall as here (Prince Regent and Housewarmer both took a pull when left disputing the lead at the 19th allowing Limestone Edward to go ahead at the 20th and whilst Prince Regent, by accident or design, pressed on along the second canal side he hit a wall towards the finish). Lovely Cottage passed the post in a time 4s faster than that which did Workman (raw rating of -48) and carried 2lb more than the 1939 winner, thus I will award raw marks of -34 to Lovely Cottage and -16 to Prince Regent. I will allow 5 to Prince Regent (mistakes, possibly lit up or jockey overconfidence) for a final rating of -11 which places him in proximity to his half-brothers Reynoldstown, Easter Hero and Royal Mail (see my updated Scroll Of Merit below). This has credibility because, whilst his trainer, Tom Dreaper, only conceded that Arkle (perhaps a few pounds below Golden Miller - more on this in the 1960s) might have been the equal of Prince Regent after Arkle won his second Cheltenham Gold Cup, Dreaper was referring to Prince Regent at his best and at 11 he was considered past that - certainly by Hyde when speaking following the partnership's recent 5 length Gold Cup success (he beat nothing special). In any case, obviously, I am rating horses based chiefly on their performances in the Grand National, the ultimate test, on this site. To wit, I will award Lovely Cottage 1 for triumphing nicely and a final rating of -33. Jack Finlay and Schubert both receive -44 and Housewarmer -55. My Scroll now reads: Golden Miller; -7 Troytown; -8 Reynoldstown; -11 Prince Regent; -14 Lottery, The Lamb, Disturbance, Seaman, Come Away, Cloister, Jerry M, Easter Hero, Thomond(1), Royal Mail(1); -17 Poethlyn; -18 Congress, The Liberator; -19 Why Not, Manifesto, Kellsboro' Jack; -20 Delaneige.

There is a theory, not universally shared, that Prince Regent's defeat was one of the reasons that inclined trainers to aim their very best horses at the Gold Cup (instead of the National or both) and that by the time that the maximum weight was reduced to 12 stone (1957) the trend had become a habit.      











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