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Sa 29 Mar 1958 (3.15) 4m 4f Heavy 10.01.20 31 £13,719 D. Coughlan

  1 Mr What 8 10-06 T.J. Taaffe A. Freeman 18/1   Slowly away & towards rear. Left 23rd & last but one BB 1C. 19th VB 1C. Vying for a mid-division 16th at 12th. Good progress to dispute 4th (of 19) WJ. Continued relentless headway to share lead from 17th. Led outright by 1L BB 2C where pecked. Same advantage CT, extended to 4L by 27th. Gradually pulled further away, circa 15L to the good at 29th. Jockey looking around for non-existent dangers before last where bad mistake & nose touched the ground. Pushed out run in & drew further clear.
57 2 Tiberetta 10 10-06 E. Courage G. Slack 28/1 30 Disputed 9th at 1st. 3rd at 3rd, shared 4th at BB & CT 1C, same position outright from 10th to 14th, 6th WJ. 4th again 17th, left 3rd at 19th, vied for 4th once more BB 2C (where 5L down). Alone in 4th CT & VB. Jumped violently right but took 3rd at 26th. Took 2nd between last two, circa 20L down last where again jumped right. Plodded on, one-paced, possibly eased.
  3 Green Drill 8 10-10 V. Bewicke G. Milburn 28/1 15 15th at 1st, 9th BB 1C, 6th VB 1C, 5th at 12th, disputed 4th WJ. 6th again 17th, left 4th at 19th and took 3rd by BB 2C (4L down). Vying for 2nd (1L adrift) CT. 2nd outright at 27th but had dropped to 4L behind leader. Circa 15L down by 29th, began to weaken further and dropped to 3rd between last two. Very tired last and continued to fade run in.
57 4 Wyndburgh 8 11-03 R. Wilkinson M. Batchelor 6/1F 15 Circa 19th at 1st. Fairly rapid headway to dispute 4th BB 1C, 6th CT 1C. 7th along CS 1C but had dropped to 9th by WJ. Effort early 2C and left 6th at 19th. 7th again by BB 2C and 11L down in that position CT. Regained 4th sometime after ABC 2C, gamely plugging on whilst losing more ground to leaders on unsuitable going.
57 5 Goosander 10 11-07 Cpt N. Crump T. Molony 100/7 20 Slight peck at 1st where disputed lead. 2nd from 2nd to 5th, vied for lead again BB 1C, 3rd at 7th, shared 2nd at CT 1C. Disputed lead (or led outright) from VB 1C through 20th (mistake 14th). 2nd once more, 1L down, from BB 2C until came under pressure and very bad mistake VB where dropped to a 6L 3rd. Dropped to 4th next (26th) and to 5th by 28th. No more to give.
55 56 57 6 E.S.B. 12 11-12 F. Rimell D. Dick 28/1 12 Held up in mid-division 1C. 12th at 1st, left 18th BB 1C, 16th VB 1C, 8th at 12th, 10th WJ. Vied for 8th at 17th, left 5th at 19th and continued headway to dispute 4th, 5L down, BB 2C. Maintained that position until 28th then weakened quite badly.
  7 Holly Bank 11 10-13 W. Hide P. Brookshaw 50/1   Always towards rear. 29th at 1st, 23rd & last CT 1C, a last but one 21st at 12th. Becoming tailed off when left 19th & rearmost WJ. Continued in same vein 2C, tailed off 11th & last at 20th, left 8th & last BB 2C, left 7th at 28th. Finished well tailed off.
56 P Eagle Lodge 9 10-00 M. Feakes A. Oughton 18/1 28TH 8th at 1st where slight mistake. Disputed 4th BB 1C. Vied for 8th CT 1C, 10th VB 1C, 6th at 12th, 8th WJ. Left 7th at 19th. 6th BB 2C where 9L down. Same position, 7L back, when mistake CT & jockey became unbalanced. Got very tired CS, dropped to 7th and PU before 28th.
56 F Pippykin 10 10-05 W. Whiston T. Brookshaw 22/1 22ND (BB) Mid-division. Circa 18th at 1st, disputed 11th BB 1C, vied for 15th CT 1C where bad mistake. Pecked slightly next (VB), shared 13th at 12th, 11th WJ. 10th at 17th, left 8th at 19th where mistake and in same position, 14L down, when fell BB 2C.
57 U Sydney Jones 11 10-12 P. Tory M. Tory 28/1 22ND (BB) Away well and 4th at 1st. Had dropped to 7th by 3rd and disputed 11th BB 1C. Generally in 12th from CT 1C to 17th. Left 10th at 19th and left 9th at 20th. Had just been left 8th and towards rear when a loose horse flashed across his path on take off, landed too steeply & UR BB 2C.
57 R Hart Royal 10 10-11 R. Lomax P. Pickford 18/1 22ND (BB) Rear of mid-division 1C as soon outpaced and rather sulked. Disputed 15th CT 1C but 17th next and 19th at 12th. Left in a share of 16th WJ, 14th and towards rear next (17th). Left 11th & last but one 19th, left 10th next. Had just been left 9th, still towards rear, when squeezed for room & caused to refuse BB 2C.
57 U The Crofter 10 10-00 W. Francis Jimmy Power 40/1 20TH 7th at 1st, 5th at 3rd and either shared or was alone in 4th from BB 1C through VB 1C. Lost ground along CS and 9th at 12th. 7th WJ but 11th at 17th. Left 9th at 19th and in same position when mistake & UR 20th.
  R Never Say When 9 10-02 F. Cundell S. Mellor 50/1 19TH (OD) Away well & very prominent. Led or disputed lead from 1st until headed CT 1C. 3rd from VB 1C through the 18th and still close up in that position when suddenly refused 19th, plunging into ditch.
56 57 U Athenian 9 10-11 P. Cazalet D. Ancil 22/1 19TH (OD) Away well & very prominent. Disputed lead 1st, 4th at 3rd, 3rd at 4th & 5th, vied for lead again BB 1C & 7th. Led outright CT 1C then shared it once more from next (VB) until narrowly 2nd at 14th. Disputed lead again WJ but quickly began to fade 2C, 5th at 17th (where slight mistake) and had just been left 10th and very tired when possibly tried to refuse the 19th, landing on/in fence with jockey slipping off. Horse became stuck in fence until eventually pulled out, partially by his tail.
  U Southerntown 12 10-01 P. Doherty P. Cowley 66/1 19TH (OD) Mid-division 1C. 16th at 1st, disputed or outright 11th by BB 1C through VB 1C, vied for 13th at 12th, left 13th WJ. Still 13th at 17th. Had just been left 11th again when hampered by the antics of Athenian & UR 19th.
  P Wise Child 10 11-06 V. Bewicke S. Hayhurst 45/1 19TH (OD) Away well and disputed 5th at 1st where pecked slightly. Slight mistake 3rd and had dropped into a share of 11th BB 1C. 15th VB 1C, vying for a mid-division 13th at 12th, left 15th WJ. Towards rear in same position next (17th). Jumped violently right 18th and tailed off when PU 19th.
  R Springsilver 8 10-04 C. Magnier F. Winter 18/1 19TH (OD) Circa 20th at 1st. Mistake 4th. Left in dispute of 15th BB 1C. Headway to share 8th CT 1C. Shuddering blunder at 11th and another error 12th where vied for a mid-division 11th. Pecked 14th and left a last but one 18th WJ. Left 16th next (17th), jumped violently right 18th. Tailed off (and possibly hampered) when refused 19th.
  P Colledge Master 8 11-02 B. Turnell B. Rees 25/1 17TH Disputed 9th at 1st. Headway after 5th to be 8th BB 1C & 7th CT 1C but 9th again next (VB). A mid-division 10th at 12th, left 14th WJ. Continued to drop away and 16th when ploughed through the 17th, barely getting over. Last when PU immediately after it.
  R Moston Lane 9 10-00 R. Ward T. Jenkins 66/1 17TH 13th at 1st. Soon lost position and left in dispute of 19th BB 1C. 18th at 12th, left in a share of 16th WJ. 18th again when caused to refuse by Colledge Master at 17th.
  U Richardstown 10 10-00 M. Neville J. Morrissey 40/1 16TH (WJ) Circa 24th at 1st. Progress to be 10th BB 1C. In dispute of 15th CT 1C, vied for 12th next (VB) and shared a mid-division 11th at 12th. Same position when mistake, stumbled upon landing & UR WJ.
  P Ace Of Trumps 10 10-12 C. Nicholson P. Farrell 40/1 14TH 14th at 1st. Mistake 4th. Left 21st BB 1C, 20th at CT & VB 1C, 22nd and last at 12th. Becoming tailed off when PU soon after 14th.
  F Brookling 9 10-03 G. Wells T. Taaffe 28/1 13TH 28th at 1st. Left in dispute of 19th BB 1C. 22nd and last but one CT 1C. 20th at 12th and similar position when fell 13th.
57 R Glorious Twelfth 9 11-03 B. Renton J. Wilkinson 28/1 11TH (OD) 17th at 1st. Left in dispute of 15th BB 1C. 18th VB 1C where mistake. Similar position when refused 11th.
  R Comedian's Folly 10 10-00 L. Scott D. Scott 66/1 7TH Disputed 5th at 1st where slight mistake. Had dropped to rear of mid-division and just been left 21st when caused to refuse by a loose horse (Rendez Vous) BB 1C. Eventually kept going (at the third attempt when pecked), completely tailed off. Refused next.
56 F Must 10 10-01 W. Pilkington B. Morrow 50/1 6TH (BB) Circa 21st at 1st. Disputing 11th when fell BB 1C.
  F Sentina 8 10-11 T. Dreaper P. Taaffe 18/1 6TH (BB) 26th at 1st. Had just been left 23rd when fell BB 1C.
  R Frozen Credit 12 10-12 W. Ransom P. Ransom 66/1 6TH (BB) 27th at 1st. Had just been left 25th and last when caused to refuse by loose horse (Rendez Vous) BB 1C.
57 U Rendez Vous 10 10-03 B. Wightman J. Bulllock 45/1 5TH 11th at 1st. 4th when mistake & UR 5th.
  F Valiant Spark 9 10-07 E. Champneys M. Scudamore 20/1 5TH 25th at 1st where mistake. Quite rapid progress on outer to chase leaders. Fell heavily 5th.
  U Princess Garter 11 10-03 E. Davies W. Roberts 66/1 5TH Slowly away and virtually tailed off in last by 1st. Remained so until mistake & UR 5th.
  F Longmead 8 11-01 J. Corbett W. Robinson 28/1 2ND Rear of mid-division until fell 2nd.



The value to the winning owner was a record, at last topping the amount in 1929, due to the Grand National for the first time being sponsored (by the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes) although a sponsor's name would not be permitted in the race title until 1975. Rain and mist made the 1958 renewal one for the out and out stayers and novice mudlark Mr What romped home for Thomas J. Taaffe despite a late error possibly caused by Arthur Freeman suffering a temporary cramp between the last two because he had wasted to put up just the six pounds overweight. Arthur had been a late booking due to Tom's sons, Pat and Toss, having already been snapped up. Freeman went on to become a trainer whilst Mr What, normally a bold jumper, never won another chase (although he would continue to run well in Nationals). George Slack, frustratingly, finished runner-up for the third and final time. There were no casualties at the 1st for the first time since 1940.

Though the ground was holding and the course very wet the field seemed to go at the usual clip over the first six but by the denouement only the winner was galloping on relentlessly. The going wasn't as Heavy as in 1955 (when the Water Jump had to be omitted) so the best time comparison is with another very easy victor, Caughoo (whom I rated -21) in 1947. Mr What ran 2.60 seconds quicker while carrying 6lb more. However, bearing in mind the uncertainties of pure time comparisons, especially on Heavy ground, the easier course since 1947 (for example, no section of plough) and a degree of general athletic improvement which would favour Mr What I don't suppose there was much between him and fellow lightweight Caughoo.

Retaining that thought, in the 1958 Grand National Mr What, strictly at the weights, came out 30 (pounds/lengths) ahead of Tiberetta, 41 better than Green Drill and 49 in advance of Wyndburgh. Notwithstanding the likelihood that margins may be exaggerated on Heavy especially when low weights are involved, I will allow Mr What 7 for ease of success/bad mistake at the last and Tiberetta 2 for a couple of leaps to the right. This extends Mr What's advantage to 35 over Tiberetta, 48 over Green Drill and 56 over Wyndburgh. Now it is time to factor in the somewhat complex interlocking collateral form of the 1957-1959 Grand Nationals! On Good to Soft in 1957 I rated Tiberetta -65, 37 behind the winner Sundew (-28), however, in 1958 Tiberetta, a glorified plodder but consistent, was better suited by the extreme test of slower ground as evidenced by her achieving a turnround of 34 with Wyndburgh, one of a number of horses who certainly weren't. (Glancing ahead to 1959, on Good the latter would achieve an even greater turnround with Tiberetta from 1958!) And also in 1959, on ground that suited neither but inconvenienced Mr What least of the pair, Mr What would emerge a roughly similar amount superior to the mare as had Sundew in 1957. Therefore, on balance, I'm inclined to rate Mr What's superb performance on Heavy in 1958 alongside Caughoo's in 1947 (-21 with the 7 allowed off a raw mark of -28). Tiberetta gets -56, Green Drill -69 and Wyndburgh -77 (compared to -52 in 1957).











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